The Coolest Gig, guaranteed publicity, too

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle at 12:45 pm by George Smith

Being the billionaire spokesperson for those trampled underfoot is the new coolest gig in the world. Nick Hanauer is the best of all venture capitalists, taking about two years to make a career as a celebrity 0.1 percenter, one on the side of the little people, has been certified cool by many of our six and seven figure explainers last week for an essay speaking of pitchforks and revolution. Those who name-checked him are the people paid to write columns and news reports in which soaring economic inequality is discussed in such a way that nobody ever has to get around to advocating the tough and very unlikely action necessary to make a dent in it.

From the Seattle newspaper, on Hanauer, excerpted:

For someone who just predicted an armed revolution is on its way — against himself — Nick Hanauer doesn’t seem too fraught when I catch up with him …

That bit of hyperbole, though, has arguably catapulted Hanauer into the front lines of the nation’s simmering class war. On the side opposite from his own class …

The article has been “2X the most widely read and shared article in Politico’s history,??? Hanauer boasted. Nearly a quarter million shared it on Facebook alone.

Well, that cinches it. It’s a gold record on Facebook and the culture of lickspittle, where all revolutions, like those that freed the Middle East, started.

Commenters, who don’t earn the six figures of the Seattle Times journalist were not as impressed.

Nick Hanauer — writer (yes, not sic) of wrongs, Facebook hero to sensitive people who universally share their concern about economic malaise and failure, teller of truths on the revolution that always seems to be coming but never arriving.

So when will the pitchforks come out? When the quarter of million of concerned-about-inequality sincerity trolls and sharers are so afflicted they can’t post on Facebook. And, then, maybe.

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