WhiteManistan’s Rock n Roll Bigot exposes the plot to kill him for eating venison

Posted in Ted Nugent, WhiteManistan at 11:43 am by George Smith

Ted Nugent regularly whines about being openly called racist in columns and in his public statements. When he does this he often blames a dead person, Saul Alinsky, and then asserts he loved Rosa Parks or MLK.

Nugent’s bizarre confabulations have no effect on anyone with even a shred of brain power.

However, he fits perfectly with the attitudes of the white right and Tea Party, which in exhibitions of massive groupthink, tends to always assert that when called out for being bigoted, it is evidence of precisely the reverse — everyone else being racist.

In interview this week, promoting his new record ShutUp&Jam, Nugent can’t practice what he preaches. Although he says he wants to just shut up and play music, inevitably he always comes back to the itches he just hasn’t been able to scratch:

Interviewer: But I also think you must know that that statement [mentioning Martin Luther King, Jr.] coming from you, is going to piss some people off.

Nugent: Well only in the world where the liberal democrat driven media has repeated the lie and the nasty evil accusation of me being a racist. Yeah, in that world, sure. Here we are in 2014. That’s why the question I pose to you is absolutely undeniable. Here’s the society we live in, where people want to kill me because I eat venison. Really? And you’re in charge of my diet when? None of this surprises me. When you have such a rotten man, whose agenda has always be against America, against exceptionalism, against being the best you can be, against entrepreneurial risk and productivity, like Barack Obama.

When questioned in even the gentlest way Nugent becomes evasive and changes the subject to something that has nothing to do with the original query. In this case, trolls hating his Facebook page and allegedly wanting to kill him because he consumes deer meat.

The “kill me because I eat venison” is another one of Nugent’s odd mental tics, one he’s used frequently in recent interviews.

The bigot who is astonished that anyone would call him one, also includes this laff riot, from the same interview, in which the great venison plot is again mentioned:

Well, it means something. I get on Facebook and see people who want to kill me and my family because we eat venison. Now that’s sad, and it’s demonic, but in the world that we live in, I laugh so hard I can hardly see straight. That’s funnier than Richard Pryor’s afro catching on fire.

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