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It’s all the fault of the poors, especially those people in the cities. Ted Nugent hates them all, especially what they did to Detroit. “Have you been to Detroit lately?” he asks in his latest column at the advocating-rebellion-right-wing news site, WND. “No wonder the movie Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is such a big hit.”


We shake our heads in abject confusion and disbelief at the vacant claims by the left and liberal Democrats that capitalism is bad and that America is greedy when it is universally known that at least half of the country is subsidized by the producers. There simply is no more generous, giving, loving society on earth than hardworking Americans …

As the Democrats continue to get away with their crimes, the squawking poor just keep on getting poorer, and as is always the case, they have no one to blame but themselves. Stupid is as stupid does. Brainwashing only works if you give up your brain and your soul to the brainwashers.

Another mind-boggling conundrum is the fact that Americaís so-called poor live a life far better than do real poor people around the world and have luxuries they can only dream of.

With their cell phones, automobiles, microwave ovens, air-conditioning, new clothes, manicures and pedicures, bling-bling, clean water, more food than they can eat, pretty much redistributed everything handed to them, they still whine how America should be more like those other countries.

As a matter of fact, if you live in a poor neighborhood in urban America, you know that people don’t have a lot of things someone as repellent as Ted Nugent thinks they do. As for “clean water,” Nugent seems to have the missed the disaster of Detroit shutting off water service. However, this is hardly surprising, considering the source.

A great many below the poverty line, or very close to it, in Los Angeles County do not have cars. They rely on public transportation, bicycles, sometimes taxis, and walking.

A lot have air-conditioning as renters but don’t use it when it’s most needed in the southern California summer because it really runs the electricity bill higher. Instead, they are outside or on porches, perhaps using a fan, trying to stay cool in the evening after the sun has set.

As for “bling-bling”? I don’t see it, ever. But, Ted, that’s him being what he is, one of WhiteManistan’s most popular public racists.

“Listen to my SHUTUP&JAM! CD,” Nugent concludes “Itís the soundtrack to take back America.”

Not exactly but I suppose sales could use a push.

Here’s a Nugent at a recent show in Anaheim. The first minute and a half is given over to a standard profane rant about Nancy Pelosi and California gun law.

From an Orange County Weekly review, largely favorable, of the show:

Perhaps it was the fact that this show was in Orange County, but, for as much of a rocking show as Nugent puts on, there were very few youths present at The Grove. The audience essentially consisted of the same metalheads, rock ‘n rollers, and swivel-hipped girls that had likely gone to his concerts 30 years ago …

Nugent was pretty vocal about the African American roots of his music, and played “You Shook Me,” yet I did not see a single black person in the theater…He is likely his own biggest fan …

In Maine, an experienced hunter strongly condemns criticizes Nugent for getting involved in trying to defeat an anti-bear-baiting referendum:

Disturbingly … Ted Nugent has spoken out in opposition to a fair and sporting bear hunt. Nugent is from Michigan and is known for sticking his nose ó and his loud and offensive mouth ó in other statesí business. He has supported all sorts of unethical practices, including hunting within fenced enclosures and remote Internet hunting …

Most of us Mainers are familiar with the old saying ďif it ainít broke, donít fix it,??? but it is broken. Our bear management sadly has gone astray. And Ted Nugent is the poster-child for how not to fix it. Nugent illegally baited deer in California and illegally killed a bear in Alaska …

Iíve hunted bear in Maine for the last 25 years, taking as many bears in that time. I know the woods well and am a skilled enough tracker to find a bear when I want rather than relying on lazy and cruel tactics.

The red, white and blue acoustic Ted Nugent acoustic guitar with his autograph, put on eBay to raise money to help defeat the anti-bear-baiting referendum still has not sold.

At a starting bid of $7,000, it’s a plainly lousy deal.

From Google, the “Ted Nugent + bigot” collection.


  1. Iman Lababedi said,

    July 18, 2014 at 9:32 am

    Cmon, Destiny, baiting Nugent is like Nugent baiting deer, it is too easy… Still, it doesn’t hurt to see all the sins in one place…

  2. George Smith said,

    July 18, 2014 at 1:08 pm

    Certainly, it’s an easy shot. He’s made it that way, too, it’s part of his paycheck. But you gotta remember, this is the US of A, home of the hardcore delusional. If one doesn’t hang the growing laundry list out for everyone to see, many start to trick themselves into believing he’s just a colorful personality exercising his right to free speech. Which is true but only in the sense that calling a blue whale a “large animal” is true. It doesn’t quite get at the full description.

    Then there’s the matter of those who use the public position to create an environment of either open hostility or violence toward those on the other side. You can always hide behind free speech when someone else, unhinged, in your audience goes off and does something unfortunate. And we live in that country now.

    Last, you’d be surprised how many music writers, and some mainstream general news journalists, still just can’t grasp how toxic Ted Nugent has been in the national arena. It’s an uncomfortable subject for them. How many rock stars have earned a visit from the US Secret Service? That’s a landmark achievement, one that isn’t really granted for being civic-minded.

    Here are two thought questions. What makes Ted Nugent different from Skrewdriver?

    And is not Ted Nugent more influential, politically and socially, than Bono or Bruce Springsteen for a large part of the American populace?

  3. Ted Jr. said,

    July 21, 2014 at 1:31 pm

    “There simply is no more generous, giving, loving society on earth than hardworking Americans Ö”

    And from that little missive, I have no rebuttal due to my inability to concatenate an unlimited number of insults into a single little comments section.

    “put on eBay to raise money to help defeat the anti-bear-baiting referendum still has not sold.”

    Still Not sure what kind of baiting Ted’s really into.

  4. George Smith said,

    July 21, 2014 at 2:39 pm

    It is rather intriguing how his mind fails to work works.