‘Merica’s Rock n Roll Bigot loses another gig

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WhiteManistan’s most public bigot, Ted Nugent, lost another gig today. This brings the total of cancellations this year to four, all as a result of Nugent’s infamous reputation as a purveyor of hate speech.

From the AP:

WORLEY, Idaho (AP) — A Native American tribe has canceled an Aug. 4 concert by Ted Nugent at its casino.

The Coeur d’Alene Tribe on Monday said that the cancellation of the concert at the casino in the northwest Idaho city of Worley was because of the rocker’s “racist and hate-filled remarks.”

The tribe says it booked Nugent without realizing he espoused “racist attitudes and views.” The tribe did not detail which of Nugent’s specific views it opposes.

The last sentence is hilarious. There’s so much hate speech from Nugent documented on the web it’s now an intelligence-insulting task to show it to people who don’t want to see it, anyway. Anyone who says they haven’t heard the worst of it is in the position of covering their backside.

Nugent has made his a big part of his business being a public hate-monger for WhiteManistan and the Tea Party. He should be made to own it completely.

He has the right to free speech. But in the world of entertainment, one can exert pressure on businesses, or concert venues, that book him. Bars, casinos, small theaters in the heartland and county fairs are not, primarily, venues for the spouting of all view points.

They’re entertainment businesses, period. And they must exist within the standards of the community they’re local to. And if people choose to tell them, again and again, that Ted Nugent does not fit even generously elastic community standards in a civil society and the business should either distance itself from him or risk paying a price for flouting such things for the sake of money, then that is a legitimate tactic.

It’s an unpleasant job to go over the long list of Nugent’s public statements and video captures. That doesn’t excuse anyone from corporate America in the music business from due diligence on it.

Want to buy the nationally famous hate-monger for a day? Live with the ill will, bad karma and potential bad result.


  1. Anon said,

    July 23, 2014 at 1:54 pm

    I think they canned him for his “Great White Buffalo” song.

  2. George Smith said,

    July 23, 2014 at 2:50 pm

    Then you’ll lol at his outburst about it today on the radio:

    “These sick, sick, stoned, hygiene-challenged Michael Moore fans, they call in and complain that I’m a racist … They call all the promoters, the call all the venues, they call all my sponsors, every day. Meanwhile, what am I doing? I’m going to rock my ass off tonight. And tomorrow night. And the next night. I’m having the greatest tour of my life, and I’m going to have — I promise you — the greatest hunting season of my life. So I have created the abject fear in the left of how effective I am. I think I’m really great — but I didn’t know I was this great! That my haters have dozens, if not hundreds, of people dedicated to calling all my sponsors and all my concert promoters saying, ‘Nugent’s a racist!’ They’re literally, maniacally scrambling to destroy me, because I ‘murder innocent animals.’???

    Nugent cited the lyrics to his song “Great White Buffalo??? to point out that he isn’t racist towards Native Americans. “But then came the white man/ With his thick and empty head,??? it goes. “He couldn’t see past billfold/ He wanted all the buffalo dead.???

    About a week or two earlier the Spokane newspaper ran an article questioning the CdA tribe about its Nugent gig, specifically mentioning Great White Buffalo and his act in earlier years which could have been interpreted as making slapstick of Indians. He quite frequently paraded around in a headdress. He says it’s homage. Others never quite saw that in it.

    And it was the Southern Poverty Law Center that called the tribe, not stoners and Michael Moore fans.

    In addition, he called people who protested his shows “unclean vermin” on Tuesday, which once it starts circulating, is going to do him no favors at all.

    It seems he has no idea how far over the line he’s gone.