There were two twats of Google, oozing condescension

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I wish I had the picture from the hard copy of Thursday’s Los Angeles Times. In the business section, a b&w photo of Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg, two self-satisfied middle-aged white billionaires in their look-a-like casual clothes, standing by their cookie-cutter campus bicycles.

It for a story on their first management book, one in a genre that’s an ocean of deadening conformity. Naturally, there’s is different because they are Google, dammit!

And therefore it is called “How Google Works, ” “a guide to managing what they call ‘smart creatives’, according to the newspaper.

Everyone is now well-acquainted with how much smarter everyone of Google is than the lice-infested masses. And that is why they are all wealthier than Croesus because in America you are compensated in direct proportion to your gargantuan talents. Or lack thereof.

But I have yet to see any hint of recognition that the constant numbing stories of how smart they are, how intellectually superior one must be to just pass an interview in Mountain View, of how everything in the place is encrusted with the wonderfulnesses of soaring IQs and unfettered innovations, just ooze condescension.

If pomposity were a person and it met Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg it would throw itself away.

So let’s hear it again for the “smart creatives:”

Jonathan Rosenberg: Traditional management books don’t address the fact that the balance of power has shifted from companies to consumers. That’s made building superior products the paramount issue for companies today. So the key thing that they need to figure out is how to attract what we in the book call the new breed of employee, the “smart creative.” Those are the people who have mastered the tools of the current age to build superior products. We don’t think anyone has told that story before.

Eric Schmidt: We’re always on the winning side when we’re on the user side…. It works in most countries. There are some countries which you can essentially think of as non-democracies, where they’re just not organized around citizens, they’re organized around other things, and there the issues are much harder.

[I have to step in here because Schmidt, in the interview, really doesn’t seem to know how fucked this sounds.]

The interview includes Schmidt and Rosenberg pimping Uber and, then, at the end just slipping in a little bit that Google is heavily invested in the company.

And as stated at the beginning, no Google piece is complete without an assertion about how great it is there because it’s where all the brilliant people are: “[Schmidt]: What attracts people is the ability to work with other brilliant people and to work on really, really big problems.”

Fuck these guys, their driver-less cars and data-delivery dirigibles. As solutions to big problems they’re not exactly the polio vaccine or the elimination of smallpox in our lifetime.

Instead, their alleged “smart creatives” crowning achievement is the tech fossilization of the winner-take-all economy, one in which nothing exists except that which is embedded in the top half page of Google search returns.

Others have caught on:

When I ask people why they don’t pay for a music subscription service or (heaven forbid!) purchase physical albums, the most common response is: Why should I? I can get almost any song I want for free on YouTube. I’ve even had people laugh at me for my naïveté in considering any other way of consuming music. And who can blame these freeloaders from taking advantage of a “free” (if sometimes legally dubious) source for almost any song ever recorded? But the highly paid Google execs who run YouTube need to be at the top of any list of the culprits who destroyed the economic conditions for musical artists.

What a strange turnabout! Remember when people did volunteer work to help the poor? Now the poor do it to help the wealthy.


  1. Ted Jr. said,

    November 3, 2014 at 7:13 pm

    The last time I tried to post this, I broke the server.

    Maybe I should have paid closer attention to the implied message.

    Attempt #2 follows:

    I saw that last week in a parking lot full of vehicles
    way beyond my price range. I saw a man walking with his
    wife in that parking lot and I thought out loud ‘now there’s
    the “money walk”‘, that particular style of dress, appearance,
    motion that denotes money. Something the plebs never have
    a chance to obtain.

    And I thought about this article for a couple of days because
    there is alot in there which clearly identifies the what and
    why of our current human condition.

    Part of this blame can be attached to the plebs, just ordinary
    folks like us, who believe the hogswill of lies fed to us on
    every subject imaginable. Exceptionalism is one of the real
    whoppers. First, one is led to believe that somehow these
    monied people are better than the plebs. It’s the extension
    of Calvinism, the tenet that god must love you more since he
    granted you all of this wealth. And the plebs swallow that lie
    in extremis. They must believe that lie in order to stay docile
    and obedient to the authority which is financed by the monied

    And the authority feeds a variation of that lie to the plebs and
    tells them that to live in their country bestows exceptionalism
    as well. That will give a sense of entitlement to the plebs
    so that they may feel a member of that elite group and will
    bask in their own reflection knowing that somehow they too,
    while only plebs, are exceptional.

    The problems arise when the plebs lose their way and forget
    their place and start to question some of the lies they are
    fed. Those people are dealt with swiftly, violently and
    brutally, as an example to other plebs that too much thinking
    can be dangerous to your well being.

    And the media will continue to inform the plebs how this select
    group of billionaire self-philanthropists will make things
    better for all society if those evil and incompetent politicians
    would just eliminate the regulations which act as a roadblock on
    the route to prosperity. And the worst part of this whole
    scenario is that some will actually believe this steaming pile
    of BS and think that somehow they too can claw their way to
    the top if they only work hard enough (volunteer work to
    aid the wealthy).

    I leave the whole mess behind to be aptly and accurately explained
    by that late genius and true American author, Mr. Vonnegut.
    In the ‘Sirens of Titan’, Vonnegut points out the true origin of
    his fictional world’s wealthiest man – the old man who lucked out
    in the stock market and passed his wealth on to his offspring.
    And the young Mr. Constant was “exceptional” in the exact same way
    as the subjects of this article are “exceptional” too.

    If you are a believer.

  2. George Smith said,

    November 6, 2014 at 10:27 am

    Ah, “The Sirens of Titan,” been a long time. Kurt Vonnegut was very down on the American system, always more so up until he died.

    If you read the interview for more quotes with the Google buffoons they talk about the user experience in a way that makes you think that’s how they believe all major problems are solved, by making users joyful in ways no one else can.

    Then they call their big projects “moon shots” when they’re nothing of the kind. The “moon shot” was by no means a maximization of great user experience.

    I’m confidant that the prediction can be made that Google’s fantasy projects will come to virtually nothing for many reasons, one particular being they like providing “solutions” to problems that either aren’t important or that are well beyond their grasp and will just kind of piss out and disappear years down the line when nobody remembers.

    Self-driving cars? What, exactly, is the benefit other than somewhat more leisure for those who can afford them. How does increasing the amount of driving, back and forth, improve anything, say, in the environment of LA County? I’m sure they know driving conditions here and just choose to not say anything lest their reasoning collapse.

    Dirigibles — just idiotic.

    Google Fiber — high speed internet for communities that bribe Google enough, like Kansas City or Austin. Yes, like Austin, with SXSW every year, needing even more stuff for the privileged.

    Google Glass — already failed. An invention molded from their own psychology, white tech assholes, and thus so named.

    Last week, announcement they will be researching little robot-ized antibodies/sensors to inject into the blood to find and detect cancers! Woo! No one’s thought of that. Oh wait, it’s Star Trek TNG and nano-bots!

    People in actual bioscience research at real scientific establishments have been wishing to be able to do that for decades. But don’t tell anyone. Google thought of it first.

    Google, of course, will change everything because they’re the most brilliant, surpassing the lifting power of the entire NIH, CDC and all research institutions in the academies nationwide. Plus, all you have to do at Google is issue some p.r. and, practically speaking, it’s already in the bag.

    All this from a company that wasn’t the first in search but did manage to be the most successful at monetizing it globally with trash ads. And they’re good at raising rents in San Francisco.

    Compare that benefit to American society with the getting rid of polio or Carl Djerassi’s invention of the pill. Hell, their legacy isn’t even as good as the development of Gardasil.

    Think about these things even briefly and you begin to understand why there’s growing anger and their buses are vandalized in the Bay Area.