It’s your patriotic duty to make the tribe uncomfortable on phony holidays

Posted in Bombing Paupers, Culture of Lickspittle at 3:47 pm by George Smith

From the New York Times, over the weekend, an appropriate quote for the end of Veteran’s Day:

Air power needs to be applied like a thunderstorm, and so far we’ve only witnessed a drizzle,” said David A. Deptula, a retired three-star Air Force general who planned the American air campaigns in 2001 in Afghanistan and in the 1991 Persian Gulf war.

The campaign has averaged fewer than five airstrikes a day in both Iraq and in Syria. In contrast, the NATO air war against Libya in 2011 carried out about 50 strikes a day in its first two months. The air campaigns in Afghanistan in 2001 averaged 85 daily airstrikes, and the Iraq war in 2003 about 800 strikes a day…

Oh for the days of Rolling Thunder, Operation Linebacker and free-fire zones. Nothing changes.

Also today, posted to my Facebook timeline, where only one of my very white friends liked it, the drummer who played the snappy march.

The National Anthem — the song that actually should now be the national anthem.

Much of the tribe uncomfortable with their role in WhiteManistan are always ready to clutch their pearls over something published at the New York Times or from some name from the left. But acknowledge something that makes them feel uncomfortable on a day like today?

You’d have more luck trying to get a cat to eat a small dish of Brussels sprouts.

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  1. Ted Jr said,

    November 11, 2014 at 10:32 pm

    Just another in a long series of “holidays” which somehow celebrate someone either dying or being killed.

    Sure glad we’re civilised.