It’s your civic duty…

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To support Loud Folk Live.

In a country as fucked up and dismaying as the United States in 2014, it is genuinely a record to notice, an antidote to the Culture of Lickspittle.

Now, an anti-thesis, a standard and soul-destroying thing packaged as fun, something to encourage people to do for the good of their employer:

Last week [Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp’s] award-winning TEAM ROCK STARS Team Building/Entertainment Program hosted a great group from ESPN/Disney at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip.

The group arrived at 4 p.m. and following an all-star band performance of Queen’s “We will Rock You,” they were surprised to learn that they were going to be broken up into groups to rewrite the lyrics of the infamous song with their own lyrics about their company sales meeting. ESPN’s meeting planner’s commented, “In the past 9 years, this team building program was the most innovative, creative and entertaining. Rock Camp blew us away!” And her division president was all smiles and agreed with her comments. — “The best team building program out there.” — PEOPLE Magazine

“Your dream lives.”

That’s $250 dollars/person for any corporation that wants to see some of its employees rewrite the lyrics to “We Will Rock You” as praise for the business. And then to compel them to sing it on the Sunset Strip at the House of Blues.

Such an exercise is designed to be dignity-destroying.

But this is not and is orders magnitude better! Loud Folk Live tunes — The National Anthem, Rich Man’s Burden, Puta and Jesus of America — at the links.

Five bucks for a digital copy sent to your e-mail — cheap, LOL satirical, catchy, toe-tapping, as well as lots of other wholesome things.


  1. Ted Jr. said,

    December 4, 2014 at 7:34 pm

    I know a person who works for a fortune 500 company. At least once a year, the geniuses in marketing or HR come up with some “team building” exercise which is some person’s idea of how to restore the spirit of overworked and browbeaten employees who are watching their static paycheques buy less all the time.

    The “effect” of such corporate largesse usually has worn off by the end of the employee commute home.

    But someone feels better at the end of it. Usually a GM or VP will self congratulate and send out memos to everyone telling what a ‘splendid time was had by all’.

    And there are some who think this corporate culture is as good as it gets.


  2. Ted Jr. said,

    December 4, 2014 at 7:39 pm

    This one’s too good to pass up – most here will know alot of this already, but you never know everything until it’s too late.