He’s Doing God’s Work

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How a New York Times Dealbook blog post might have read, but didn’t:

Speaking at the Dealbook conference in Manhattan, chief executive officer of Goldman Sachs Lloyd Blankfein said Wall Street had come to occupy an unwelcome position in Washington similar to where the military was during the Vietnam War protests. “I certainly don’t think it’s a virtue to declare a big segment of the economy off limits,” Mr. Blankfein said.”

““You’ve seen a little bit of a tension between capital and labor,” he said. This response when asked about Uber and the billions being taken off workers by the Silicon Valley predatory system known as “the sharing economy.”

Mr. Blankfein also likes Hillary Clinton, just as she likes Wall Street and Goldman Sachs. He wouldn’t mind if she was Queen the next President.

“I’ve always been a big fan of Hillary Clinton,” he said.

Mr. Blankfein also voiced dismay that Senator Elizabeth Warren’s vehement opposition to the nomination Wall Street plutocrat Antonio Weiss for Sec’y of Treasury was gumming up the works.

After all, what was wrong with Mr. Weiss getting a 20 million dollar pay-out for leaving the Street and joining government?

“Why does the country benefit from making something hard so much harder?” Mr. Blankfein said.

Times tells us that it stands still in the USA. So you will want to hear “Let’s Lynch Lloyd Blankfein” from the album Loud Folk Live which you should also buy before Christmas because it’s cheap — 5 dollars (!) — and you can hear your host make jokes.

The picture of Mr. Blankfein is really boss, too, perfect for the song. So click that SoundCloud link!

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