If I had a dime for every play…

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, The Corporate Bund, WhiteManistan at 3:03 pm by George Smith

I’d still have only eighty dollars.

“President Barack Obama will use his State of the Union address Tuesday night to stake out a populist vision of tax reform and new middle-class benefits [to be paid for by a capital gains tax increase on the wealthy] and practically dare Republicans to say no,” writes Politico.

Indeed, they have taken that dare & already said “NO!” It’s just theater.

And the President will be booed by half the room, as well he should be, because we voted for the other side a couple months ago and that wasn’t theater. Even though a polling says his popularity is at some kind of high.

So share this song [1] in defense of the swag of wealthy Americans. It never gets old. I even made the lyrics scroll so you can sing along!

1. I know you would never share it. I write it to be irritating. I’m fully aware that me asking someone to share something from here on the Internet is like asking for a new car.

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