WhiteManistan’s movie

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I’m not surprised Clint Eastwood’s movie about Chris Kyle, American Sniper, broke box office records this weekend.

Are you?

Only a minority of Americans have been involved in the forever war. But reverence to the military and service is a deep part of WhiteManistan’s character, I’d say strongly influenced by a universal nagging guilt.

So when a movie on the forever war comes along, particularly one made by Clint Eastwood, it has a great chance of success.

WhiteManistan hasn’t had many war movies to stir a righteous enjoyment in the last decade. I skipped Zero Dark Thirty but did see Lone Survivor which I didn’t think was anything special.

Americans have the military they deserve, one that runs itself with little or no oversight. In payment we’ve been asked to stay out of its way, pretend to like it, swallow the ill will and tragedies that are the consequences years later, give it any resources it needs and keep believing that all of it [fill in the blanks with your favorite myths, received wisdoms and stuff].

Buy me a ticket and I’ll review it here.

It’s 20 dollars in Pasadena.

Good-looking commercial mythology, seen watching football on Sunday.

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