Cult of EMP Crazy: HuffPost on a roll

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Extremism, Phlogiston at 12:15 pm by George Smith

In the blink of an eye the Huffington Post has established itself as another flugel horn for the Cult of EMP Crazy. As well as a place where posters couldn’t be bothered in the slightest to read what their compatriots are writing on the same subject. Just as long as it all gets into the Google News feed, pronto.

“Learn more about what would happen if an EMP bomb were ever detonated in the video below,” teases Bianca Bosker.

It’s the double opportunity for National Geographic-style info-adver-tainment and catastrophism.

Dig the title:

How an EMP Bomb Would Be a Deathblow to Life as We Know It

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