No libtards in the bunkers for the last supper

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The American fringe is regularly mainstream. It’s one of many very noticeable national character flaws, not a virtue, since the fringe, when referred to here, is all the property of the political right.

Viral, ugh, attention has been given to a handful of America’s estimated three million “Doomsday Preppers” through publicity granted to photographer Henry Hargreaves’ display of what they’ll be eating in the bug-out shack or bunker.

Quote, from the Daily Mail (feel free to Google other news sites, it’s all over), doesn’t really deliver the truth on the prepper demographic:

[Hargreaves] confesses that he expected the series to be more dramatic than the final results he captured, and admits that the preppers might be on to something.

‘Initially I expected this to be a rather sensational series but as I spoke to some of the subjects I actually was surprised by the brilliance in their approach.

‘They have been able to stand back and see the whole food system from afar and realize in any kind of disaster the food distribution chain is the first thing to break and they don’t want to be left vulnerable, if and when it does.’


A word that’s hard to use in description of a photo showing the need for insulin shots after the country is destroyed by “tornadoes.” ONe of Hargreaves’ subjects is a diabetic.

Once in a diabetic coma, or the foot gangrenous due to complications in the extremities, it’s an unforgiving world.

In brief interviews Hargreaves has told viewers of the basic sense of the preppers and the humanizing aspects of the photos.

They’re not all kooks. That’s the message. Is a bowl of crickets and mealworms humanizing?

The lead picture in the Mail’s story, not the one linked in this post, is the Armageddon Supper of Wayne Martin of Texas.

Part of his repast — two cans of gourmet cat food. Why?

When the others from the cities, or just plain bad people try to steal your stuff, they’ll presumably leave your cat food behind.

I’ve fed my cats the stuff advertised as gourmet over the past decades. It still looked like regular cat mush grub to me. However, they always went for it with great relish.

But that reasoning takes us right to the heart of the prepper, formerly “survivalist,” psychology.

It’s predominantly white, Christian and fascist authoritarian, armed to the teeth and convinced the downfall of American civilization will be brought on by a handful of catastrophes, most prominently an attack by electromagnetic pulse.

For the Mail’s pictures, Hargreaves’ coterie oddly has this gone missing. And that’s conspicuous by omission.

If you’re a regular reader, or even an occasional viewer of reality television on preppers, you also know the group looks at the potential end of civilization as a ritual of purification.

The virtuous will survive. Those not so will be cleansed from the country in the end times struggle.

When the unprepared, the non-white, atheist, Democratic, lazy parasites and takers come boiling into the countryside, they’ll be met with armed force.

It takes about five minutes on Google to find prepper pages on the matter, even complicated discussion rationalizing how the Bible, or Jesus, sanctions the deadly force of the gun.

And like any activity linked to politics and the character of the right, it has become an industry, one furnishing everything from keepsakes to any hardware, ammo, or fortification preparations needed.

Parcels of land off-the-grid, hard to find, high in the mountains, possibly near good lakes, away from the contaminating hordes.

It even has it’s own special kind of romance fiction: Thousands of dreadful vanity-published pamphlets and novels of the coming catastrophe and subsequent purification and survival after the fall.

There might have been a testing attack on Washington, DC’s electrical grid. Did you miss it?


Whether or not the power outage in Washington was caused by an attack of some sort, homeland security expert Peter Vincent Pry tells Newsmax TV that it shows there is vulnerability.

The power outage was the result of an explosion at a power plant in Maryland, which affected the electricity at the White House, the Capitol, local museums, train stations, and suburbs as well as the University of Maryland …

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said the Department of Homeland Security hasn’t linked the outage “to terrorism or anything like that.”

Pry, executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, told J.D. Hayworth and Miranda Khan on “America’s Forum” on Wednesday that “even though the official explanation is that this was a mechanical failure — this small explosion — I’m not sure I trust that,” adding that “the electric power industry has a long history of concealing actual attacks on our electric grid.”

Preppers — from the archives.

Hail to the Kook — an eminence grise of American doom


  1. anon said,

    April 8, 2015 at 4:36 pm

    Viewed positively, 3 million people is less than roughly one percent of the American population. Viewed negatively, it’s also roughly the same number of people as living in Iowa, or twice the number of people living in Philadelphia, PA.

    I’ve seen bits and pieces of those shows. There was even one show that failed to get an audience, “Apocalypse, PA,” that was based in my almost-hometown.

    One thing I noticed was that these families have every available square inch of their homes dedicated to storage space for foods that they have preserved themselves. There is a problem with food one preserves for personal use, learned from my family, who also did *some* (a sane) amount of home canning.

    Just like a canned baked beans (or anything else) from the grocery store, home canned food has an expiration date. Any well-run kitchen rotates the stock and consumes the food on hand. They believe they are “ready for anything,” but is botulism on their “anything” list?

  2. George Smith said,

    April 9, 2015 at 9:45 am

    You’re out of luck of American civilization is kaput and you stumble into botulism. The only treatment is an iron lung until your nerve-endings are reconstructed. On the bright side, you can hope for only a partial dose as it comes on gradually.

    Apocalypse PA. Nazareth! How did I miss that? For a couple years I used to do band rehearsals in Nazareth.

    I did manage to find a good quote from the show, excerpted in the Call, that fits all good prepper articles:

    “It’s a hard enough taking an animal’s life for food,” Belcastro says. “I would hate to find myself in a situation where I had to take another human being’s life. But if we found ourselves in a true refugee situation where it was a choice between them or me and my family — better them than us.”