Wrestling with the problems of WhiteManistan

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And still losing, mostly.

The New York Times continues the beat, that of which the identity cannot be specifically named:

On April 3, Colbert King, a Washington Post columnist summarized a series of actions by Republicans attacking the president’s authority in areas that most Americans thought had been settled by the Civil War. Arizona legislators, for example, have been working on a bill that “prohibits this state or any of its political subdivisions from using any personnel or financial resources to enforce, administer or cooperate with an executive order issued by the president of the United States that has not been affirmed by a vote of Congress and signed into law as prescribed by the United States Constitution.???

The bill sounds an awful lot like John C. Calhoun’s secessionist screed of 1828, the South Carolina Exposition and Protest. Laurie Roberts of The Arizona Republic wrote that it was just “one of a series of kooky measures aimed at declaring our independence from federal gun laws, from the Affordable Care Act, from the Environmental Protection Agency, from the Department of Justice, from Barack Obama.???

If this insurrection is driven by something other than a blend of ideological extremism and personal animosity, it is not clear what that might be.

Not clear what it might be. Savor that one. What a buncha jokers.

And from the state of Idaho:

Fear is never the right reason to make law, or in this case, to unmake it. Yet fear – decidedly unfounded according to agency staff and legal experts including Idaho’s Attorney General and lawyer-legislator Rep. Luke Malek – is driving the Legislature’s undoing of state participation in a multi-state (and occasionally, multinational) system which protects children, especially children in low-income families.

While unrelated to the bill in question, the fearful utterance of one word – “sharia” – in a key committee caused reason to fly out the Capitol window. Assurances from officials who work with, and more fully understand, the Health and Welfare laws in question failed to revive the bill, which among other things is necessary for Idaho to continue to collect child support from certain less-than-willing noncustodial parents, necessary to follow them out of state if they’ve moved.

Single parent having a tough time making ends meet? Too bad. That support and other aid you depended on may soon be effectively uncollectable. All because certain lawmakers are ignorant about both Idaho’s law, and sharia, and imagine a connection between them.

Population of Idaho: 1.63 million. Population of Los Angeles County: somewhat north of 10 million.

WhiteManistan’s taste for cruelty laws targeting the unfortunate, the weak and the allegedly undesirable continues apace.

If you follow the first link, you see that legislator’s in red states are still simmering over Fox News’ coverage of Jason Greenslate of southern California, who was occasionally using his EBT card to buy lobster on special at the local market.

The blog mentioned him here last year.

Because Greenslate lives in the hated California, specifically San Diego, the Republican Party cannot have its revenge upon him.

And there’s nothing that motivates them more than being thwarted, a fact everyone is being taught the hard way.

So in not being able to strangle Jason Greenslate out in nemesis California, they’ve done the next best thing. They’ve turned their rage over the food stamp program into legislation that claws only the people they can get at — those living in the states where they control the legislatures and governors offices.

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