Presidential Healing Salve

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From the New York Times:

He praised the intelligence professionals for their work even as he reflected on the costs. “This self-reflection, this willingness to examine ourselves, to make corrections, to do better, that’s part of what makes us Americans,” Mr. Obama told them. “It’s part of what sets us apart from other nations. It’s part of what keeps us not only safe but also strong and free.”

Leon E. Panetta, who served Mr. Obama as C.I.A. director and then as defense secretary, said the president was especially engaged in counterterrorism operations and wanted regular briefings, always asking about civilian casualties. “You hit some of these targets, and you get a lot of people in a shot, and what you wind up doing is asking yourself, ‘Is every one of those guys you get a bad guy?’ ” Mr. Panetta said.

I bet. Bad guys. Always with the good guys and bad guys thing.

“We came, we saw, he died,” Hillary Clinton joked about Mo Ghaddafi after B-2 bomber strikes took out the rivets holding his military together.

Now Libya is a failed state with a local chapter of ISIS. But we bombed the paupers and got the bad guy.


  1. Ted Jr said,

    April 28, 2015 at 9:22 pm

    It has reached the point where attempting to alert the general population about a specific lie or group of lies is an exercise in utter futility.

    Just as governments finance never ending deficits by borrowing more money, the propaganda meme is also constructed of compound lies.

    Anyone who takes the major media seriously is delusonal. What people are served daily is disinformation, crafted in such a way that the true portion is only in place to confuse the listener, while the false portion supplements the detail of what you are expected to think. Goebbels once stated that propaganda had to be simple, that it had to be crafted in such a way that only the government approved option would be the correct choice and all other selections would be perceived as wrong.

    While I applaud your attempt at trying to set the record straight, it is impossible for a single truth to have any impact when surrounded by literally unlimited lies.

    ” But we bombed the paupers and got the bad guy. ”

    Proving your mass culture is still echoing the same themes as presented in the endless westerns, the myriad ways to win WW2 films, and now the Vietnam revionist viewpoint, somehow picking up on Raygun’s theme that if you hadn’t fought that war with one hand tied behind your back, you could have won that one too.

    I never expect serial killers to have much remorse or empathy for their victims.

    I wouldn’t expect any remorse or empathy from governments either.

  2. George Smith said,

    April 29, 2015 at 1:42 pm

    I find this hard to disagree with in any way.