Wrestling with the problems of WhiteManistan (part the 1000th)

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Predatory economics. The American gulag, all non-whites and poors given advance ticketing. The biggest military in the world used to destabilize the weakest and most destitute countries in the world. Uncontrollable expansion of the national security infrastructure. Police militarization for the purpose of clampdown on legitimate grievance. Repression of non-violent protest. Exacerbation of rioting through military-style intimidation tactics begetting even more heavy-handed responses. Inability to envision human beings except as soggy meat bags capable of buying useless services and luxury goods. If the soggy meat bag lacks purchasing power, it’s marginalization and/or industrialized prison. Promises of change as propaganda hooked to domestic paralysis and backsliding. Cruel and extraordinary punishments, loss of any ability to make a living and death at the hands of the law as the systemic answer for domestic problems.

It’s called inverted totalitarianism by academics of social science.

I call it “the problems of WhiteManistan,” a beat the New York Times confronts every day.

This week, the United States is at the bottom of the heap in almost all measures of civil life when measured against the other advanced nations of the world.

No surprise:

“On nearly all indicators of mortality, survival and life expectancy, the United States ranks at or near the bottom among high-income countries,” says a report on the nation’s health by the National Research Council and the Institute of Medicine.

What’s most shocking about these statistics is not how unhealthy they show Americans to be, compared with citizens of countries that spend much less on health care and have much less sophisticated medical technology. What is most perplexing is how stunningly fast the United States has lost ground …

Three or four decades ago, the United States was the most prosperous country on earth. It had the mightiest military and the most advanced technologies known to humanity. Today, it’s still the richest, strongest and most inventive. But when it comes to the health, well-being and shared prosperity of its people, the United States has fallen far behind.

Pick almost any measure of social health and cohesion over the last four decades or so, and you will find that the United States took a wrong turn along the way …

What [sets] the United States apart — what made the damage inflicted upon American society so intense — was the nature of its response [to global labor markets that destroyed middle class income gains over the few decades]. Government support for Americans in the bottom half turned out to be too meager to hold society together.

The advanced countries of Europe faced the same problems. But they have not destroyed themselves in the manner of the United States.

For the last fifteen years Americans have been told again and again that small bands of piss ant terrorists in the Middle East pose an existential threat to the country. Specifically, white America.

“The bloated incarceration rates and rock-bottom life expectancy, the unraveling families and the stagnant college graduation rates amount to an existential threat to the nation’s future,” reads the Times.

Black Americans, the working poor, have born the brunt of it.

And then there’s Ted Nugent, rock and roll’s kleagle, delivering one classic white person’s response: prison, blows or bullets for all those unwilling and too lazy and or evil, stinky and subhuman to be all they can be.

Don’t be a thug:

Be good. Obey the law, the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule …

Stay in school and, in spite of our embarrassing overpaid anti-education system, discipline yourself to learn how to talk properly, read, write, add, subtract, multiply and divide. There are simply no opportunities for anyone who fails basic human skills and intelligence. Everyone who has these basic skills combined with a good work ethic have [sic] unlimited opportunities…

Stay clean and sober. Drugs, alcohol, tobacco and garbage food will turn you into a stumbling, stinky zombie. Only stumbling, stinky zombie stoners don’t know this.

So don’t fall for all the whining, lying, excuse mongering and BS’ing that is coming out of Baltimore, Ferguson, the president,
the Democrats, your loser friends, much of the media, and every other crybaby scam artist out there.

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