Who would have thought?

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The local air traffic controllers aren’t fans of the East Africa Air Pirates:

Unlike other U.S. military bases around the world, Camp Lemonnier has to use civilian air-traffic controllers hired by the government of Djibouti, the Post said. The base shares its two runways with Djibouti’s only international airport, a French military base and a contingent of Japanese military planes.

As traffic at the base has increased, the controllers’ dangerous habits and dislike for drones have disrupted U.S. military operations and prompted repeated warnings about the risk of a deadly accident, the Post said.

Controllers sometimes punished U.S. flight crews by forcing them to circle overhead until they ran low on fuel, the Post said.

In one case, an observer told an air traffic controller that an unmanned plane he was monitoring was low on fuel. The controller said he did not care because drones “only want to kill Muslims in Yemen and Somalia,” the report said.

They play video games and sleep on the job, too, it says.

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