Yes, you’re in Hell and it’s a dinner in Waco with Ted Nugent

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Today, in readings from WhiteManistan:

The constant libertarian assault on the radio, in newspapers, on the television, this drumbeat of anti-government discourse is an old story – but still very important for understanding the anarcho-liberal sensibility. Just tune in to AM radio late on a weekday evening and listen to the anti-government vitriol. It’s sort of wild.

Someone could do an interesting study, Ph.D., in unpacking the cultural history of all this. It is tempting to speculate that deindustrialization, having disempowered and made anxious many huge sections of the working class, opens the way for fantasies of empowerment. The anti-statist, rugged individualist common sense is also always simultaneously a fantasy of empowerment. White men are particularly vulnerable to these fantasies. The classic guy who calls into the batshit crazy, late night, right-wing talk radio show is a middle-aged White man. Listen closely to the rage and you hear fantasies of independence. In this rhetoric, guns and gun rights become an obviously phallic symbol of individual empowerment, agency, self worth, responsibility etc.
We need to drastically restructure the state. We need it mobilized and able to transform the economy.

But most importantly, we have to think about how all of this anti-state ideology is being stirred up with investments from elites.

Delete phrases like “anarcho-liberal sensibility” and it’s a decent encapsulation.

Or, in other words, the tribe and party of Ted Nugent.

Last Thursday, Nugent went on one of his standard pro-gun rants, presenting an illogical comparison as something built on common sense: Swimming pools kill more children than gun accidents. (If you don’t understand why it’s illogical, you’ve no business reading this blog. We haven’t the slightest thing in common.)

As a very young man I ran my town’s swimming pool for two summers and was second-in-command for two more. Ted Nugent is a despicable insult to the good people I worked with.

Without going into details, we occasionally acted quickly and with skill, as lifeguards, to ensure the summer afternoons of young children were safe and never unpleasant, no questions asked. Kids will be kids, you watch over them. And sometimes you fished them out of the water and put them on their towels until they were calmed. You told mom just to keep him or her out of the water for a while.

You lent them an arm so they could pull themselves in and continue playing. Or you stood there on the concrete edge, looking at them, giving them the confidence that just because they’ve suffered a snoot full, you’ve seen it and they’re not in trouble. Because you were there.

And the Pine Grove swimming pool was not a small pond. Half a million gallons with a two-story pump house, exceptional for a town of its size.

What does it have to do with guns?

To see the summer swimming experience fashioned into something worse than gun violence by some very public ninny is beyond hateful. Guns have one function. Killing, putting holes in things. Swimming and water recreation are something for everyone, a pleasure of the human as well as the animal condition.

In Nugent world, might as well write a piece about choking to death on food. Or all the people who die of flu because they aren’t immunized.

All allegedly much worse than accidental death from loose gun handling in the home.

For example:

The Big Lie about guns is that innocent kids are being gunned down or are accidentally shooting each other. Compared to drowning, gun-related deaths don’t even register.

The Big Lie is just that – a lie.

Indeed, some kids do die in gun-related deaths, mostly in the president’s old stomping grounds of Chicago. However, very few kids under the age of 10 die or are injured as a result of gun-related accidents.

The vast majority of teenagers who die as a result of guns are involved in gangs. They are punks, thugs and street rats …

Nugent is one of the popular voices of the batshit crazy white guy, now mainstreamed and in control of one political party.

Media Matters immediately pointed out that, as usual, Nugent has no grasp of what he’s ranting about:

According to a project of Everytown for Gun Safety, there have been at least 88 incidents just this year “in which a child 17 or under fired a gun unintentionally and someone was harmed as a result.” In 2013, the group documented at least 100 accidental shooting deaths of children aged 14 or younger. A Mother Jones report that examined the same time period found 84 fatal gun accidents involving children aged 12 and under, 64 of which involved a child pulling the trigger, killing themselves or someone else, which debunks Nugent’s claim that children are not “accidentally shooting each other.”

Indeed, one such shooting captured national headlines when a 5-year-old boy accidentally killed his 2-year-old sister in rural Kentucky with a rifle designed for children.

Pediatrics, the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, recently looked at data from 2009 and found that 662 children aged 14 or under were hospitalized after being accidentally shot that year.

There is never a shred of humanity in anything written by Ted Nugent.
If it’s not enough to drag drowning in the summer into an article in defense of gun accidents, the language of Nazi Germany is also employed.

Media Matters notes Nugent’s repetitive use of linguistics popularized in the Third Reich.

Hitler first wrote about “the big lie” in Mein Kampf. The Nazi leader accused Jews of telling “the big lie” to corrupt “the broad masses,” who he claimed “more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie.” The phrase is also associated with tactics used by chief Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels.

It’s hard to argue that accidental gun deaths involving children are not worth calling attention to, let alone that covering such tragedies is comparable to Nazi-style propaganda.

Yeah, it’s hard to argue. Still, it doesn’t matter. We live in a country where half of the political spectrum embraces senseless, patently offensive positions with no basis in reality.

On the other side of the coin, many in the not entirely batshit crazy parts of the country really do detest Ted Nugent. This is minor progress.

As a result, Nugent has no summer tour. (On YouTube, you can find his lead singer, Derek St. Holmes, singing tunes made famous on a couple of Nugent’s mid-Seventies records, for a celebrity hard rock sea cruise.)

As for Nugent, he has a solo gig in his hometown of Waco, TX:

Liberals, Obama- and Hillary-lovers, Democrats, gun-controlniks, vegans and, one supposes, Jade Helm 15 operatives, beware: Rock musician/bow hunter/gun advocate/tea party favorite Ted Nugent takes the stage May 25 at the Waco Hippodrome in a solo show …

Funny, funny, funny.

The tickets aren’t selling: “About 180 tickets are left for the May 25 concert, including 12 VIP tickets, with about 140 tickets already sold.”

What do you think is the better deal, even in Waco?

A standard two six packs of cheap beer and a steak or Nugent playing the Star-Spangled Banner and telling people how he got to be a “political animal” for the sake of freedom and liberty?

Also, today in Waco, a shoot-out in a restaurant between two motorcycle gangs, the Bandidos and the Cossacks, leaving nine dead.

(Late arriving, another bike gang, the Scimitars MC, too!)


  1. Ted Jr said,

    May 17, 2015 at 8:05 pm

    Where the heck does one start?

    The ‘big lie’ is alive and well and very useful today. Media is likely the largest disseminator, followed by government and corrupt cults masquerading as religions.

    Is is just me, or is it true that the more one hears the same repetitive meme(s) over and over, the less likely they are to be true?

    Can one honestly defend the logic of ‘they hate us for our freedoms’ – yet, that same rhetoric resonates with the vast majority of sleepwalkers (previously known as citizens).

    Ted Sr, really, WTF do you have against white people? Are you on a one man mission to try to make caucasian people appear to be vapid, clueless and utterly incapable of thought?

    Libertards need no comment. It’s the ultimate in self-hedonism. You have the freedom to do whatever you want, pay no taxes, keep your guns and everything is all right – as long as your health is good. And when your health fails and you discover despite all that wealth you hid from the government you can’t afford medical care, well then you become a good little socialist/liburl like the rest of us.

    Damned hypocrites.

    And since we all know guns keep people safe, well another 9 people dead in Texas proves that assertion once again.

    Phooey – my disgust is getting the better of me again.

    The only bright spot in all of this is NO STATE FAIRS for Ted this year… LOL ROFL etc.

  2. George Smith said,

    May 17, 2015 at 11:36 pm

    I agree. You know losing the country fair circuit for a 350 person room less than half filled by old white people in his home town must really eat his hash.
    Plus, his health has deteriorated. Double knee replacement has put a big dent in him, something he’s gone to great length to hide. Over half of Nugent’s shtick has always been that he’s a type of superman.