What’s wrong with this picture?

Posted in Ted Nugent, WhiteManistan at 10:26 am by George Smith

That’d be a 1,000 word essay, at least.

You sent your kids to a summer “kamp” hosted by America’s Klassic Rock Kleagle, Ted Nugent? In 2015?!

That’s child abuse.

Nugent (run-on sentence warning):

The purpose of this writing is to encourage as many readers as possible to create their own lifesaving children’s event to counterpunch the embarrassing self-inflicted scourge of political correctness that is on the fast track to further dumb-down more American children with such lies and scams as animal rights, anti-hunting and anti-gun propaganda flooding from the media, our government and academia nationwide.

As we have learned for 25 years, it does indeed take some serious effort and sacrifice, but I can assure you that there is nothing available in the world today that will spike kids’ attention like the discipline of the various shooting sports, the magic of trapping and taxidermy …

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  1. Ted Jr. said,

    May 31, 2015 at 1:25 pm

    Here’s an issue for Ted Sr. to flap his gums around –


    Just think Ted you can save uhMerica and keep hunting out of season, all at the same time – a Twofer.

    “come along if you care
    come along if you dare
    take a ride to the land
    inside of your mind”

    Ted missed the exit door, I think.