The Umbrella Corporation (still more)

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The New York Times:

The Defense Department said Wednesday that it had mistakenly sent suspected live samples of anthrax to at least 51 laboratories in 17 states and three foreign countries, a higher number than officials had disclosed last week …

Defense Department officials warned that the tally of labs that had received the shipments would probably grow.

The New York Times mentions that the number of labs in America’s so-called bioterrorism defense and research infrastructure has risen to 1,500 from what was already a high number, 400, in 2004. It is an American specialty: an amalgam or public and private sector labs doing what amounts to sometimes dangerous science welfare work, magnificently over-staffed and over-resourced against a national threat, the predicted scope of which never materialized.

It is likely that many will not remember, but those of us who were experts in biological weapons and the alleged use of them by terrorists, warned for years that the expansion would increase the probability of dangerous errors and the potential for another Bruce Ivins.

Again, the number of bioterror attacks since Bruce Ivins (not counting the cracked, troubled and/or misguided people who grind castor seeds) who worked in the heart of the American bioterror research establishment — ZERO.

For comparative purpose, a document from the bookshelf of Osama bin Laden on on building the “terror franchise” and seized as part of the alleged trove of information seized in the killing of the man, is here.

It reads:

TOXICANTS: immediately needed

4. Actual production and testing of biological toxicants. (Anthrax, Botulism, clostridium, endotoxins, Exotoxins etc.)

Believe it or not, this was actually classified. Utter cynicism when faced by an incontrovertibly ossified system is often completely justified.

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