WhiteManistan militia: Aiming to dispel stereotypes

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No self-recognition. (And couldn’t help taking the, uh, easy shot with the title.)

Excerpts from an Alaska newspaper:

“It’s an effort to show the public that we are different, and that we’re trying to change the public perception of what militia groups and survival groups and prepper groups are,??? Luntz said.

Some of the people at the Talkeetna gathering make no secret of their negative feelings about the current administration on social media. Facebook posts include anti-taxation and Benghazi links, along with a photo of ranks of Chinese United Nations forces, captioned “Bring it.???

“We could wake up one day and have an electromagnetic pulse detonation over our state and lose all power and communications and the next thing we know is we got aircraft overhead,??? he said. “That’s a stretch. But it is a possibility.???

“One [session] scheduled for Sunday provided tips on defending against armored personnel carriers,” it reads.

While there aren’t many in this particular group, 20 – 25 by the newspaper reading, many, it says, are ex-military men.

There are the usual nice pictures of white guys in full combat gear, running across a field, weapons raised, while staging a commando assault or, perhaps, a counter-attack against invaders.

From the famous right wing thinking kook’s rag, National Review and Mark Helprin:

Continual warfare in the Middle East, a nuclear Iran, electromagnetic-pulse weapons, emerging pathogens, and terrorism involving weapons of mass destruction variously threaten the United States, some with catastrophe on a scale we have not experienced since the Civil War. Nevertheless, these are phenomena that bloom and fade, and that, with redirection and augmentation of resources we possess, we are equipped to face, given the wit and will to do so.

From a nobody writing for a Pittsburgh newspaper:

But then the unthinkable happens and a terrorist detonates a smart bomb. You awake to no lights, coffee, computer or refrigeration. Your car will not start and your phone will not call.

This would go on for months.

Today, everything has computer chips and digital makeup that can be destroyed with “smart??? bombs or non-nuclear electromagnetic pulses (NNEMP).

A NNEMP is a device that causes an electronic pulse that can wipe out all digital-based smart technology when activated near a critical digital or electrical device. It can fit in a suitcase or be deployed by a remotely operated drone.

So unthinkable it’s written or talked about in major media a few times each week.

From a small town Texas newspaper, contribution by a high school student in a “young writers mentorship program:”

An even more deadly scenario would be an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP. An EMP instantly wipes out all electronics. This means that cars won’t start because of the electronic ignition system; radios, television sets, computers, phones and other communications equipment would be dead; and the rest of the nation’s electrical grid would be down. Imagine that. America would be sent back to the Dark Age, quite literally. All it would take is three to four nuclear detonations in the atmosphere over America.

If you thought the zombie apocalypse was bad, then you should think again. A TV show called “Jericho??? chronicled a devastating nuclear attack on the U.S. and an EMP. This is a possibility if we allow Iran to develop nuclear capabilities.

So why then is our government allowing such a deal to be made?

America needs to wake up before our way of life is gone. An Iran with nuclear capabilities is a threat to the United States and needs to be dealt with before everything we love is destroyed.

From another crappy newspaper of some kind in Boulder, Colorado:

If Obama seriously thinks climate change is a more urgent threat to national security than the Islamic State, al Qaida, al Nusra, the Taliban, Hezbollah, Boko Haram, al Shabaab, the Houtis, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Putin in Ukraine or the escalating China-Japan confrontation in the South China Sea, his judgment is so profoundly haywire that Congress should consider invoking the 25th Amendment (that’s the one dealing with presidential disability) and replace him with Joe Biden.

There is a very compelling national security argument for the deployment of solar and wind energy systems and for a much more decentralized electricity production and distribution system without ever uttering the words “climate change.???

Big, centralized power plants and regional scale grids are sitting ducks for enemy attack by terrorism, conventional sabotage, cyber sabotage and attacks with electromagnetic pulse weapons. The last affect whole regions of the country and frog march tens of millions of Americans back into the good old days.

From a newspaper in Mesquite, Nevada:

“Climate change is the worst problem facing the world today. We have no more important issue in the world than this issue, period,??? Nevada senior Sen. Harry Reid once said on the floor of the Senate.

At one of Reid’s clean energy confabs, Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton opined on climate change, “This is the most consequential, urgent, sweeping collection of challenges we face as a nation and a world.

[But what] if the power grid melted down? The water would stop flowing. Fuel pumps at the corner gas station would not work. Banks would close. Communications would be interrupted. No refrigeration.

If the power remained off for months, it is estimated as much as 90 percent of the population of the U.S. might die from starvation, disease and social tumult.

There are a number of things that could actually cause such a scenario — terrorism, solar flare or an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) caused by the detonation of a relatively small nuclear bomb in the atmosphere.

There’s more. But I think these constitute enough inspirational thinking from the heartlands of freedom for today, no?


  1. anon said,

    June 16, 2015 at 3:04 pm

    These EMP-fanatics just don’t seem to understand the science. I haven’t dedicated much time to the subject because I have Real Life Problems That Are Actually Happening.

    From what I can surmise, these (ahem) “possible” “smaller scale EMP events” are orders of magnitude smaller than what an atomic bomb could do and are very dependent on having a steady source of power.

    My guess would be to pull the plug on their “evil” EMP generator and get back to regular life after arresting the people who did it.

    If an atomic bomb is detonated, we’ve got bigger problems than no cable TV. But, then again, for these folks, it is ALWAYS about society collapsing, allowing them to climb finally to their rightful place at the top of the rubble with their trusty GUNS…

    P.S. The Tribune Review is/was Scaife’s personal newspaper, the source of almost all Bill Clinton Conspiracy Theories (TM) back in the 1990s.

  2. George Smith said,

    June 16, 2015 at 9:33 pm

    I forgot that.

    You’ve put one finger on it in terms of Real Life Problems.

    I don’t believe any even remotely significant portion of the population cares about this issue. They know about it only because it’s become a crutch in science fiction, comic books, episodic tv, telemovies, big screen productions, etc. Every month. EMP is a magic wand in modern American tech story-telling. There it serves a purpose, entertainment. Remember DD’s Law.

    On the other hand, the small demographic that believes it has some meaning in reality is very vocal and organized. I could publish more on this than I do. But every week, there are letters to the editor in small to medium size town newspapers, opinion pieces and even news stories on the issue, as if it is real threat.

    I have a grudging admiration for its survival over two decades. Particularly now, because the people at the top have figured out a nonsense argument that is easily publishable: That global warming is a hoax or far off, and that EMP attacks from our MANY ENEMIES are more imminent.

    That takes some mailing list organization, dedication and unity in messaging. And while you don’t see it in the big publications, you see it always in the middle and small ones. Since it appears there so often, there will always be a couple instances a year when it erupts in a big publication. It’s an effective strategy and guarantees that it’s a regular issue on the right.

    By the time the GOP primaries are in full swing, I predict EVERY one of them will, if even in a minor way and as an asterisk, saluted to this lobby.

    It no longer even matters that such weapons don’t really exist. TERRORISTS have them, or can easily make them. They are suitcase sized.

    There’s a lot in the archives on this but it necessitates making something that’s almost a book. Which is understandable considering the Biblical flood of books, non-fiction and fiction, on the matter from the other side. Quantity is quality in this topic, and a book that would explain it as an American tech myth, born of many things, probably wouldn’t stand a chance.

    I can remember over a decade ago, maybe more, a retired Army general, in front of a House committee, talking about how he’d researched the matter and found that terrorists could make an EMP truck, drive it around Manhattan, and destroy Wall Street.

    In the intervening period he died of old age.

    And Roscoe Bartlett. His spirit and legacy carries on while he fortifies his bug out refuge in the mountains in retirement.

    There is a real joy in believing in this in a coterie of a few million, maybe a couple tens of millions of people. You cannot underestimate it. It is part of the DNA of the right, even if one of the smaller genes.