Ted Cruz, electromagnetic pulse crazy

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But you probably could have guessed.

Truth be told, every potential Republican Party candidate will have to join the cult. The dangerous GOP base of white American revenge-seekers, paranoids and nihilists demands it. (Some already have. Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, Jeb Bush and, I think, Donald Trump immediately spring to mind.)

So, in the National Journal, Cruz buys another ticket for an insane right wing train that’s been riding the rails for virtually the last fifteen years, perhaps longer: Iran will hit the United States with an electromagnetic pulse and millions of people will die.


It’s not just Israel that could be in danger if Iran violates the terms of a nuclear agreement with the United States, 2016 presidential contender Ted Cruz says.

Cruz told reporters Tuesday on Capitol Hill that the “worst-case scenario is that Iran actually uses a nuclear weapon.” Israel could be a target, but Cruz says the United States itself is also at risk.

“If Iran acquires a nuclear weapon, one of the most dangerous things it could do with it is load that weapon onto a ship anywhere in the Atlantic, fire the warhead straight into the air, into the atmosphere. If you get high enough and detonate that warhead, it would set off an electromagnetic pulse, what is called an EMP,” Cruz said. “That EMP could shut down the entire electrical grid on the Eastern seaboard, could take down our stock market, our financial systems, but even more importantly could take down food delivery, water delivery, heat, air conditioning, transportation. The projections are that one nuclear warhead in the atmosphere over the Eastern seaboard could result in tens of millions of Americans dying.

Actually, Cruz is a little off on his figures for apocalyptic electromagnetic pulse death. The Cult’s accepted value is usually that 90 percent of all Americans would be dead within a year of the attack.

Also, see Hitler, Obama and Neville.

Could almost be a song.

Another new rhetorical flourish from the paranoid right is the combination of imminent electromagnetic pulse attack with the hoax of global warming.

From the American Thinker:

Ironically, the evidence is overwhelming that adding CO2 to the atmosphere is highly beneficial. CO2 makes crops grow better with less water. A touch of global warming, all that we can possibly expect, is also beneficial, especially compared to global cooling …

The scientific credibility of the global warming has fallen to near absolute zero in the face of the 18-year failure of the Earth to warm. The science behind global warming may have collapsed, but the beneficiaries of government subsidies scientists and crony capitalist developers of renewable power are still promoting the theory that is their golden egg-laying goose. Scientific societies, supposed seekers of scientific truth, have fallen so far in promoting global warming as to make the greediest industrial unions look principled and honest by comparison.

[But] a real danger to our national survival that threatens the destruction of the electric grid is ignored. That threat is an EMP or electromagnetic pulse. An EMP can be created naturally when a solar storm on the sun ejects a cloud of particles that strike the Earth. An EMP can also be created artificially by exploding a nuclear bomb above the atmosphere at an altitude between 30 and 500 miles …

A single nuclear bomb, exploded 400 miles above Kansas, could wipe out much of the electronic and electrical infrastructure of the USA. Automobiles, trucks, and railroad engines might be so electronically damaged as to no longer operate. In any case, fuel would be difficult to obtain due to lack of electricity and due to destruction of the electronic control (SCADA systems) of refineries and pipelines. Electricity could be absent for months or years. The novel One Second After is a fictional account of what happens in a small town when an EMP strikes.

The great and illustrious archive on the Cult of Electromagnetic Pulse Crazy.

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