The company you keep

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Colonel Ty Seidule, chair of West Point’s history department, in the above video, explains with some verve and elan, what the Civil War was plainly about.

Good one for him and West Point for allowing the historian’s perspective.

Unfortunately, Seidule and West Point could have made it themselves WITHOUT attachment to “Prager University.”

Prager is not a university at all. In fact, it’s just the video arm of Dennis Prager, another old right wing extremist, perhaps semi-popular in some circles, but still way out on the nasty margins of American society in beliefs even if dressed up in the image of an avuncular old white guy, pretending to be a voice of pure reason through good speaking talent and vocabulary.

And what are the beliefs of Prager?

The US military and Richard Nixon won the Vietnam war. It was only the Democrats in Congress and the hippies who lost if after the Paris peace accords.

Global warming is a hoax, done by someone who was run out of Greenpeace.

Global warming is a hoax, continued. We need more carbon dioxide because it promotes plant growth, like in a greenhouse. Therefore, the world will become more green, this is good, and “we should celebrate C02.”

It’s not the Republican Party that’s racist, it’s everyone else.

There should be no minimum wage.

Rent control hurts renters.

Anti-poverty programs don’t work, are a waste and demonstrate there’s a war on work.

Modern art sucks.

America is a free, affluent, non-race-based, non privilege-based open society. “Americans don’t care about your racial origins.” Extra big LOL for this one.

The wealthy pay too much in income tax. Those in the lower class pay little or none. The wealthy pay too much in payroll taxes in order to support Social Security payments for those who don’t pay nearly enough.

It just goes on and on.

Ty, you made a great video. Firm in a voice of irrefutable truth but civil, elegant and straight-forward.

But you and West Point don’t believe global warming is a hoax, right?

And you don’t believe the the US military won the Vietnam war and it was because of Democrats and hippies that it didn’t come out that way in the final assessment, right?

But here you’ve associated with the extreme right in modern American politics. Yes, there are indeed millions who subscribe to the fucked-up belief system of the modern Republican Party and its handfuls of associated libertarian water-boys.

Their brains are broken.

From any scientific, historic, or social high standard, what they believe, and what is pushed by Prager in its five minute video sermons, is poison. History has and will continue to judge it harshly.

You could’ve issued it directly from West Point and generated some press release to all major media. I bet it would have worked just as well.


  1. User Hostile said,

    August 18, 2015 at 6:31 am

    Given a large portion of recruits are from the South, I wonder if that kind of influences the thinking of the military to associate themselves with these sorts of organizations.

  2. George Smith said,

    August 19, 2015 at 11:08 am

    Sorry for the delay on this

    Maybe, but he’s an officer. Who knows what the reasoning was. It’s still just flabbergasting, particularly considering the total rot exhibited in the global warming as hoax and the we-won-the-vietnam war videos.