The Trouble With Fender

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Rock 'n' Roll at 11:30 am by George Smith

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Unintentionally shown, in two minutes on the nightly news.

1. Made in America, in this context meaning generally priced out of reach of the Americans Leo Fender originally aimed his guitars and amps at. Extra points off: Leo Fender is dead and spent his last years working a company, G&L/Music Man, in competition with Fender.

2. Failure to mention the affordable instruments are all made in China and Mexico.

3. Gross misuse of “Born In the USA.”

4. Antagonizing display of gazillionaire classic rock musicians who can buy whatever they and who many people are now mighty sick of seeing all the time.

5. “Handmade,” used as if Americans in custom shops are the only people in the world who can, ahem, hand make stuff.

The Plutocrat’s Strat — worth reading again.

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