God will strike this country down

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Extremism, WhiteManistan at 12:27 pm by George Smith

And it will be done with an electromagnetic pulse attack as a consequence of same-sex marriage and abortions.

“What is going on with America?!” rails Jim Bakker. Yes, him.

It’s an idea, a wish for an apocalyptic trial of purification, that’s been bubbling up from the base of the Republican Party and extreme right for years.

Ninety percent will die in the aftermath. And they’ll have had it coming because — gay, abortion, unbelievers, non-Christian — and all that.

Get prepping. Keep your horses. Find an old flivver. (From RightWingWatch.)

Eventually, all of the potential GOP candidates will have to speak of their position on electromagnetic pulse attack, whether they secretly believe in it or not.

The same, from last week.

The GOP EMP Doomsday cult — from the archives.

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  1. anon said,

    August 20, 2015 at 1:19 pm

    Let me guess: with a large-enough donation to Bakker’s ministry, receive a thank you gift!

    Is it the land, food, and a proper barn for keeping those horses?
    Is it the saddles, blankets, shoes, and other gear for using those horses?
    Or maybe it’s just some small, cheap bookmark for your old Bible.

    Doesn’t he still owe the government money for fines imposed along with his jail time from about 25 years ago?