Labor Day: American big shots attack it every year

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Let’s take a moment to honor the regular Labor Day tradition in which public demonstrations, opinion pieces and the news are used to shit on workers.

American politicians, corporate leaders and plutocrats, from big-names to nobodies, line up with bits and little dances in which they pretend to praise the meaning of the day by calling your attention to something, somebody, or some group having to do with labor. And those named deserve your hate because they stand in the way of business and the corporate Bund!

The enemy can be teachers. Or unions and dues. It can be a riff on the fun big lie: the country was built on small business; yea, verily, small business is our lifeblood.

It can be praise for a billionaire who has been very bad to American workers in pushing legislation that has made them into ants for stepping on. It can be straight bootlicking for corporate wealth and ease. There will always be a scapegoat and it will always be maximum bullshit served with a big helping of mean passed off as concern.

Let’s see who’s first out of the gate this year!

Bruce Rauner, GOP governor of Illinois:

Big Labor union bosses in your state enjoy a special privilege allowing them to expand their ranks through compulsion. Union bosses can impose a monopoly bargaining contract which virtually always includes a forced-dues clause that requires every employee (even the ones who did not vote for the union) to pay tribute to the union bosses, just for the privilege of having a job.

While forced unionism is just plain wrong; coercing workers into subsidizing union officials also holds back a stateís economy …

So as you celebrate the coming three-day weekend, consider the benefits of Right to Work.

From a small newspaper in Minnesota, the standard let-us-all-now-praise-Labor-Day thing ending with the sentiment that there can be no jobs without business and so it is always necessary to think about what can be done to make thing’s better for corporate America:

Monday is Labor Day ó a day to celebrate the achievements of our nationís working men and women…

[But, but, but, but…]

Yes, Monday is a time to celebrate work. But work cannot take place if there are not jobs, and there canít be jobs without business and industry. When business and industry create jobs, it spurs the creation of more jobs and the growth of the economy.

If our nationís and our stateís leaders are serious about creating jobs, they need follow local officialsí lead to be business- and industry-friendly…

From the Penn State Daily Collegian, another piece on the atrocity of paying union dues, from a Right To Work for Less advocate:

With Wisconsin joining the ranks in March of this year, there are now 25 Right to Work states in America; states that have outlawed Big Labor union bossesí ability to force workers to pay them fees as a condition of employment.
The absence of forced unionism gives Right to Work states an economic leg-up.

Perhaps not coincidentally, this appears to be a canned anti-labor Labor Day column, also used by GOP governor Rauner. Admire the efficiency. One anti-labor piece penned by some chamber of commerce enemy of the people can be cut and pasted with different by-lines.

Some old f— who tells unbearable stories that have no meaning in 2015, from Connecticut:

My Uncle Del once told me, ďBobby, Iíve never worked a day in my life.??? What he meant by that was that he loved his job, found it fun and liked his co-workers. He was a quality control inspector at several aircraft manufacturers from when he left the Army Air Force after WWII until he retired. What I took from his comment was that if you find a job you love, youíll never have to work. Thatís why itís so important to be incredibly honest and ask yourself what do you really like to do? Do you want just money, or a profession that serves your soul as well as your pocketbook. If youíre lucky, get an education and training, work hard and pay attention and one day youíll be able to say the same thing my uncle did.

Here’s one from Texas that works in an attack on illegal immigrants as day laborers:

We know itís Labor Day, but letís talk about day labor.

One thing we know for certain about the local day-labor market: Employers will continue a donít-ask, donít-tell hiring practice for unauthorized immigrants regardless of what the law says. The question is whether Dallas will continue tolerating the existence of disorganized, unwelcome ad hoc recruitment centers on street corners and convenience-store parking lots, or adopt the more orderly concepts used by Garland, Plano and other cities.

This newspaper has long supported the expansion of government programs like e-Verify to hold employers to the letter of the law. A major magnet for illegal immigration has been the willingness of employers to look the other way, even when they suspect theyíre hiring an unauthorized immigrant.

Day-laborers, well, they suck, because they’re illegal, hang out in parking lots, snarl traffic and are often homeless.

And, yet another attack on immigrants. They ruin Labor Day!

With the approach of the Labor Day bookend of summer, this series of columns on the economy, employment and immigration (all written in early July to avoid Internet dead zones while traveling) will include more specifics on 1) immigrationís impact on wages, 2) the boon to Democrats through illegal immigration, and 3) the diminished state of economic freedom in America…

I hope Republicans will see through candidates that verbally kowtow to the pro-immigrant activists. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, for instance, is not intimidated, as he calmly insisted to a hysterical illegal worker, that Americaís laws apply to everyone and immigration laws, particularly, do not exempt anyone.

Democrats, to a man or woman, wonít reject the illegal immigration activists because, as I have correctly asserted, these groups are on path to be lifelong Democrats; many of them come from pro-authoritarian, anti-private gun ownership cultures and are easily persuaded to accept government hand-outs (I mean benefits). Democrats already benefit from illegal aliens in CongressóIíll explain how next week.

And just in time for the weekend, The Pasadena Chamber of Commerce wants no minimum wage increase here:

At its August meeting, the Board of Directors of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce, without objection, voted to strongly oppose increasing the minimum wage in Pasadena. Citing two studies performed for the Chamber and a peer-review of that work, Board members, representing small, medium and large businesses in diverse sectors of our local economy, cited potential negative impacts on the local economy, risks to employment, impacts on the local retail, hospitality and healthcare industries, as well as youth employment, in making their decision. Pasadena Chamber Board members clearly understood that imposing the Los Angeles minimum wage model in Pasadena would harm workers, local small businesses and pose a threat to our local economy.

Of course, there are pro-labor Labor Day opinions this year, some prominent. There could hardly not be. It’s no longer possible to ignore how badly workers, and the civilian populace in general, have been treated.

Nevertheless, I’d expect more of the usual anti-labor sermonizing passed off as holiday ice cream through the weekend. Add them up if you can stand it. Be on the watch for the opinions of the presidential types, particularly on Monday. If they weren’t surrounded by security at all times, they’d face barrages of dog excrement for their philosophies.

What do you think will be on the menu?

How salt-of-the-dirt (sic) American small business is? More right-to-work-for-less? Should we take the miraculous lessons of [some Silicon Valley tech tycoon]? Are not more tax breaks and bribes needed for corporate America to make jobs? More illegal and legal immigrant bashing? How great is it to live in America this weekend, shopping for goods in Labor Day promotions, made overseas by slave labor? A pack of lies and fraud from the American Enterprise Institute? How many fabricated stories from the six and seven figure earners about how their dads or moms opened a penny-candy store with nothing but hope and a prayer? Perhaps the old sidestep: More Americans will be driving this weekend than ever and don’t drink because the police are conducting a special Labor Day crackdown?


  1. anon said,

    September 6, 2015 at 1:17 pm

    No matter what any Republican presidential candidate says this election season, they specifically, and the US government in general, will never completely eliminate illegal immigration or the cheap, cheap, *caveat laborer* super-duper cheap work that comes from it.

    They can’t do it. The labor of illegals and other marginalized people who aren’t American enough is way too profitable. They’ll never stop shipping factories overseas to use Third World or Far Eastern workers either. Again, it’s too damn profitable.

    They have a migrant worker problem brewing in Europe too. People are suffocating in sealed shipping containers to get to there.

    Things will become very interesting in the next few years.

  2. George Smith said,

    September 11, 2015 at 1:14 pm

    California would fall into the ocean if any GOP politician got his way. Which is why they don’t exist here, anymore. They committed group suicide when they went after illegals, more specifically, brown people with legislation that initially passed but was then overturned.

    Sure, they exist in the small towns inland and between the big coastal enclaves. However, politically, they’re dead, capable only of torturing themselves. Looking at what they stand for now, they’ve gone in an even worse direction.

    It’s why I frequently publish the population of interior red states next to LA County. Those places exist politically only because of the American system of governance. If you balanced the Senate more like the House and gave the big blue , states, like CA, what they really represented population wise against these, the GOP would be gone.

    One thing they do understand. This country is not a united bit of anything. Where I live has nothing in common, say, for instance, with where they do. Vice versa, too. Nothing can knit the differences together.