Does the Pope Smoke Dope?

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Phlogiston, WhiteManistan at 12:36 pm by George Smith

Although I gave up on Catholicism decades ago, a quick listen to David Peel seems appropriate in view of the visit and the fact that this pope has a lot of WhiteManistani panties in a twist because he believes we ought to do something about global warming, take from the rich to give to the poor rather than vice versa and drop the American ideology that a humanistic faith is compatible with our corporate business and capitalism. Jesus isn’t from America.

Semi-religious personal trivia: Before my first and only marriage, the priest who was going to perform it asked me if I was on drugs. I wasn’t impressed by his capacity for personalized assessments.

So about a half year later, noticing I hadn’t been to Sunday mass at all, he came around to the apartment for a visit.

Catholic priest, at intercom, outside: Hello, Mr. Smith. I’ve come by to see you. May I come in?

Me: No.

Catholic priest: You’re not going to let me in?

Me: That’s right.

Catholic priest: Could I come back some other time?

Me: No, that won’t make a difference.

Catholic: You’re really just going to let me stand out here, Mr. Smith?

Me: Yes. Goodbye.

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