The Volkische wisdom of WhiteManistan’s gun bullies

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Decline and Fall, Extremism at 3:07 pm by George Smith

Support your local rural white guy and his 600 dollar lethal metal organ. Or else (they’ll buy even more of them.)

The NYT brings home the volkische wisdom from the country environs of the Red, White and Blue Gau.

It’s all about good clean fun, reads the title. AR-15 ownership and shooting instills feelings of Gemutlichkeit.

“Ten or 30 rounds, what difference does it make?” one fellow tells the newspaper. “I can change a clip in 1.5 seconds.”

Another keeps a thirty-round magazine-equipped AR-15 in his house for protection. In case a couple of squads attack, one presumes.

Keep your hands off, gun grabber, or a “sizable population” will start a revolution, another tells the Times.

Perish forbid, I would never think of grabbing their junk.

I don’t have to write much about WhiteManistan anymore. Why bother? The newsmedia has to wrestle with the ways of the good Americans, daily.

In the meantime, do enjoy a fond look back at PARIAH, the magazine that caught the spirit of it way before the big dailies had their noses rubbed in it. It was ahead of its time.

Art, ruin, revenge and white supremacy — all wrapped up in a magazine that coulda shown up Garden & Gun.

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