The Cyberwar Boogie

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Cyberterrorism, Rock 'n' Roll at 12:18 pm by George Smith

From a long time ago and what seems very far away, the only rock song to feature former US Cyber-Czar, Richard Clarke.

“They’ll also launch a big ol’ DOS,” he “sings.”

Taken from a conference call between him, the bosses of the biggest anti-virus companies, and some government officials on what was to be done during one of the big network virus/worm scares (Code Red, 2001, specifically) of the time. “A big ol’ DOS,” or denial-of-service attack was what the virus was going to launch.

At the time, the biggest anti-virus software developer in the US recommended disconnecting the US from the internet. Absolutely true.

“Cyberwar Boogie” is/was a jaunty ditty about trouble on the frontier in cyberspace from someone who was there. I even threw in some poor man’s Jimmy Riddle.

Seemed appropriate for a lazy Saturday.

It’s here. Do give it a listen.

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