Domain does not exist

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, The Corporate Bund at 12:34 pm by George Smith

Imagine my surprise on Sunday upon finding I know longer existed. Something had whisked dickdestiny.com off the net. (Perhaps you didn’t even notice. It’s not like I get a lot of traffic.)

My hosting account was still there. My directory structure and files intact. All bills paid. But something had taken the domain out of DNS look up.

It was Tucows, the large domain registrar in Toronto. It handles domain name upkeep for my provider. Or it was my provider. (Which was unlikely since I get every other notice from them.) Or both.

I’ve been at dickdestiny for 16 years. And after all this time, some robot or procedure or someone at Tucows had decided I needed to verify that I indeed was who I was. Even though the bills have been paid, on time, for over a decade and a half.

And their corporate e-mail telling me I had to confirm that I am who I am never arrived. So Tucows pulled the plug.

And I had to waste two hours on Sunday talking to my provider to get it straightened out, to return from the dead, to “verify” that I am who I am. After sixteen years.


You can alays count on a Corporate Fuck All to come out of nowhere and foul things up.

Shit happens. Accidents bring chaos. Stuff blows up. It may be in Canada, but the corporate American way of just doing something to you, has spread everywhere.

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