The quality of liking is strained

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle at 1:27 pm by George Smith

Support “like” factories in the Indian subcontinent. Thank you web economy! From Soundcloud:

“Hi, Ddestiny We checked out your music on your profile. We like what we heard. We can get your latest songs thousands of hits from real people within hours. Oh, and we usually do this for 300 but for you we’d be doing it for only $10 Our way of giving back to the music scene! Sleep on it, think on it. If you’re down, your code is hits10 and it will drop the price :)”

Praise be! I also have celebrity singer and digital parasite John Legend attached to autoplay after my tunes, free!
Also Biggie Smalls. The man’s been dead since 1997.

Also see Nosedive.

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