Cult of EMP Crazy: Catastrophism story as tool of narrow special interest group

Posted in Crazy Weapons, Extremism, Imminent Catastrophe at 9:20 am by George Smith

National Georgraphic’s special on electromagnetic pulse doom was hijacked to the web just prior to the weekend.

Originally, it was briefly shamed by Jason at Armchair Generalist here where you could see the initial trailer.

However, publishing the entire thing to YouTube, where one assumes it will soon be yanked for copyright violation, allows the viewer to skip through segments without having to endure the entire thing.

And the immediately noticeable central feature is its total reliance on catastrophism. More specifically the potential imminent arrival of national doom.

What viewers of extended cable service wouldn’t notice is that the show was essentially the work of the small but fanatical special interest lobby — the Cult of EMP Crazy’s poor man’s Umbrella Corporation, so to speak, EMPAct America.

You have Roscoe Bartlett , Peter Pry — the president of EMPAct, the CEO of Steuben Foods, William Forstchen and a few others, driving the narrative. And no one else.

In essence, National Geographic Channel was captured — made into a zombie for the sake of EMPAct America’s end-of-the-nation script. One which will surely come true if we don’t listen to them.

EMPAct America is a reprehensible nuisance. Since catastophe is its only tool of messaging and so determined has it been to push it, this little lobby has actually contributed measurably to end-times hysteria in the US. The kind that’s now the special property of the extremist Republican party.

Here’s the final segment on YouTube, starring Forstchen — who’s usually heard but not seen on Coast to Coast radio — and his small town, persuaded to enact an exodus scene — the hungry and thirsty lost trudging along a rural road, passed by an occasional flivver, the only thing that can still run.

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