The Brief But Amusing life of Ultimate Mentor, Artificial Intelligence

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Phlogiston at 1:32 pm by George Smith

Outline — to be pitched to Amazon/Hulu/Hollywood/Netflix

Episode 1: In which ULTOR, standing for Ultimate Mentor, a secret government artificial intelligence development project, goes operational. The President is given the opportunity to ask the first big question.

Episode 2 of Ultimate Mentor, A.I.: The President: “How do I end inequality & division in America?”

Episode 3 of Ultimate Mentor, A.I.: ULTOR: “Give Americans money to leave for better places. Pay better places to host.”

Episode 4 of Ultimate Mentor, A.I.: All transcripts classified. ULTOR code lobotomized and sold to Uber and Google to drive cars.

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