Wry wisdoms too good to pass up

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle at 11:45 am by George Smith

[The] gains to the winners from trade are larger than the losses to the losers. This means that we should be able to compensate the losers and make everyone better off.

[But] compensation to the losers is invariably a joke. They don’t get s**t, and then we call them names when they vote for Trump. — Dean Baker, from Yes Folks, Trade Deficits Really Can Create Unemployment

I might add that the usual prescriptions, “like creating green jobs…new [projects] to lay broadband fiber nationwide to boost jobs and productivity” [this from the Washington Post] are still shit.

People need the high velocity money that came with middle manufacturing work. There will never be enough high-paying green jobs that workers can step into to pick up the slack. And retraining doesn’t work. You would get better results by simply dropping money on the populace, impossible in this place. Which means the country, practically speaking, is incapable of saving itself.

In addition, the idea that the private sector might cause some surge in the “laying of broadband to boost productivity” is politically and economically laughable in 2017 America.

On music

“Most listeners will abandon anything too jarringly different before [30 seconds of it play] so there’s an incentive for artists to draw on a small pool of bankable writers, producers and styles. ‘I call it the shit-click factor,’ says [Chart UK’s James] Masterton. ‘If a record is too challenging, then people will say, What’s this? It’s shit, and click on to the next one. There used to be room on the charts for something dynamic and exciting … I can’t see the circumstances right now where that could happen.’??? — from The Guardian, no link.

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