Be Strategic, Not Impulsive, Make them Eat Potatoes

Posted in Culture of Lickspittle, Cyberterrorism at 2:07 pm by George Smith

Tom Friedman invokes the power of American cyberwarriors to put North Korea to heel:

Donít even think about lobbing one near us, or we might just shut off all the lights in your pathetic failing state. We can do that ó just like we can make your rockets blow up or go off course. Have you noticed? And when your people get tired of eating potatoes every night, give us a call …

In a nation that’s undernourished and suffering from famines and shortages, they’d be happy for potatoes, perhaps.

And just HOW do our cyberwarriors attack food so that only potatoes are eaten? Send malware to plague the dirt farm? That’s a good trick.

This shows that Friedman reads only the stories he likes at the NY Times, like left of launch. But not the stuff about famine.

“North Koreaís production of staple crops for this year, including rice, corn, potatoes and soybeans, has been severely damaged by prolonged dry spells ‘threatening food security for a large part of its population’ ??? reads the Times.

No potatoes. However, left of launch — a jingle, invisible … fake news.

Get the cream pie.

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