GE’s tax avoiding Jeff Immelt moves on

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Six years after the Taxavoidination (GE and Jeff) tune/video, Jeff Immelt, CEO of General Electric, has moved on.

From the wire:

General Electric announced Monday that Jeffrey Immelt retired as director and chairman of the company’s board of directors, about two months earlier than expected.

In June, GE said Immelt would retire from the board at the end of December.

Jeff Immelt was the public face of General Electric when it became known as one of the biggest American corproate tax evaders, paying zero tax in 2010, at the height of the Great Recession. Immelt was aslo a member of President Barack Obama’s jobs board, charged with recommendations on how to increase employment in the US. Famously, Immelt recommended boosting tourism since it was the only immediate way to boost corporate hiring — in the hospitality industry — in the United States.

Around the same time Immelt was seen on television news complaining about Americans who didn’t applaud his company for all the great things it did.

From this blog:

Now Immelt is more famous as the CEO of GE, the country’s biggest corporate tax evader. And as one of the leader’s of President Obama’s Jobs and Economy advisory group who, last week, offered as an unemployment solution the boosting of tourism and encouraging more out-of-work people to return to re-education camp to enroll in community college.

Immelt, in other words, is a major annoyance, a corporate enemy of the middle class, if average Americans know of him at all… Paradoxically, GE’s p.r. arm, in an effort to make people feel good about the company, is pushing commercials featuring the company’s investment and financial services arm, GE Capital.

All the problems, corporate tax avoidance, offshoring, deindustrialization and unemployment/underployment associated with a sluggish plutocrats’ economy and inequality outlined during Immelt’s run remain unadressed. Or they’ve gotten worse.

“GE & Jeff (Taxavoidination)” was my most seen and heard original tune/video for this blog.

Jeff Immelt.

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