More scenes from Ted’s summer tour of assorted firetraps and casinos

Posted in Rock 'n' Roll, Ted Nugent at 11:43 am by George Smith

Ted Nugent’s summer tour of rib shacks and an astonishing number of casinos is being shot by amateur videographers and posted to YouTube.

Presumably, they’re devoted fans.

Here’s a Ted rant, deployed nightly, just as described by a Houston newspaper reporter days ago.

“All the children get a free machine gun,” roars Ted. The mayor of Chicago is a piece of shit. Is Chicago in Canada? On the president: “I have a love song for the rookie clueless piece of shit.” “This song is for all the motherfuckers that are fucking with me all the time … hey Barack,” etc.

And then he goes into a cursing instrumental he coined at a happier time in 2000, “Klstrfuckme.” Performed with somewhat less vigor than I have on record.

And here is a video, taken from the Pasadena rodeo near Houston, of a biographical short Ted projects behind hisself during shows. At about 1:30 you’ll notice the startling appearance of Martin Luther King amidst the imagery of camo and shooting stuff. You can date the various stills by eyeballing Ted’s middle, which spreads as he nears 2010. It’s like using carbon-14, only easier.

Jump on the grenades at your discretion.

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