Nugent copy editor works overtime — but it doesn’t help

Posted in Extremism, Ted Nugent at 7:57 am by George Smith

Today’s Nugent column at the WaTimes is remarkable for one thing.

For the first time in many weeks, the Nuge does not mention the “Mao Zedong fan club.” Plus no run-on sentences as eye-poppingly awesome as the critter the Nuge gave birth to two weeks ago.

A copy editor may have been working extra hard. Or perhaps another ghost-writer was hired to give Ted a bit of a hand.

However, it didn’t help a great deal.

Ted is plagued by paranoid conspiracy thinking, nicked — as usual — from the broadcasts of Glenn Beck. He is, as you’ll see, determined to get the word out that he’s being attacked using methods from all those on the Beck-approved enemies list.

For instance:

[The] Democratic machine will work overtime once again to demonize conservatives and the Republican Party as jingoists, racists, anti-civil-rights, anti-immigration, anti-minority and even anti-Mexican. I know, as I previously have been the target of its vicious personal lying attacks and smear campaigns straight out of the playbook of Richard Andrew Cloward, Frances Fox Piven and Saul Alinsky.

Ted’s the real McCoy in rock guitar, a total original. In prose, he’s a weak imitator, always working to make a good impression at Fox News.

Teacher, teacher! I just worked Mr. Beck’s three most hated people — Richard Andrew Cloward, Frances Fox Piven and Saul Alinsky — into a single sentence!

See here. An old lady is persecuting you, Ted? Really now. That’s a new low.

Here’s Piven, framing it in 2009, after being demonized by Beck.

Excerpted from the YouTube interview:

The idea is to say everything would be nice in American society if it weren’t for these Columbia professors. If it wasn’t for their nasty scheming, no financial crisis. Can you think of anything sillier than to attribute the financial crisis to an article published in a low circulation magazine in 1966?

However, Nugent’s current column is primarily aimed at describing another massive conspiracy — how the Obama administration and Democratic Party will enslave and destroy Mexican immigrants, just like it did with black society.

And that Republicans are, therefore, the best friends of Mexicans because they don’t want that:

[Look] at what the Democrats have done to black America over the past 50 years. What once was a proud, strong people now lies in ruin because of Fedzilla programs designed specifically to enslave and destroy instead of liberate and build. Amazingly, black Americans still overwhelming vote for Democrats. Be wise and learn from their mistakes.

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