No rest for the Nuge

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I was hasty in judgment that a copy editor had been working extra hard on Ted’s essays at the Washington Times.

Today the Nuge went right back to referencing Mao Zedong in the White House.

This in a column on how all taxes on the wealthy should be suspended:

The death tax should be eliminated permanently, capital gains slashed to next to nothing, and the George W. Bush tax cuts made permanent.

If it occurs to Ted that the far right policies he espouses have destroyed the middle class in this country, he never shows it.

Paradoxically, that was his audience. And the bottom-out-of-sighters who follow him around during his tour of Indian gaming casinos now were also part of it.

With less and less income, they will see to it that Ted continues to keep ticket prices lean. And that he plays only country fairs where his show is included with the price of admission and establishments where the teetotaler can watch from the stage as others drink a lot.

In Ted’s WaTimes column, the former Motor City Madman complains that no one in the White House knows how to run a business.

Ted knows this because he doesn’t know how to run one.

Take tednugent.com.

On his website, Ted thinks he can charge for the same columns we read for free at the WaTimes and Human Events. That’s just plain dumb.

Playing your fans for fools, Ted. Tsk, tsk.

See here.

Ted calls these things his “SpiritWild Writings” and he wears an Indian headdress. Perhaps this explains his new penchant for playing casinos.

Once again, it’s worth emphasizing that Ted’s extremist politics are aimed at wiping out his old audience. He wants to live in a country where there’s no taxation, no government except for the military and absolutely no paying for a social contract or anything associated with a civilized western nation that has a middle class.

There may be a bit of sense to this.

If Ted thinks that in a few years most of his bread will be buttered by writing polemics and books as a crazy old antic butler for the upper class, it’s not a bad strategy to recommend things that endear you to them as often as possible.

In other pertinent news, Yahoo published a survey including statistics showing the accelerating destruction of what’s left of the the middle class.

It’s depressing stuff, although not anything you really didn’t already know:

Wealth and power are rapidly becoming concentrated at the top and the big global corporations are making massive amounts of money. Meanwhile, the American middle class is being systematically
wiped out of existence as U.S. workers are slowly being merged into the new “global” labor pool.

What do most Americans have to offer in the marketplace other than their labor? Not much. The truth is that most Americans are absolutely dependent on someone else giving them a job. But today, U.S. workers are “less attractive” than ever. Compared to the rest of the world, American workers are extremely expensive, and the government keeps passing more rules and regulations seemingly on a monthly basis that makes it even more difficult to conduct business in the United States.

So corporations are moving operations out of the U.S. at breathtaking speed. Since the U.S. government does not penalize them for doing so, there really is no incentive for them to stay.

Damn those benefits like health insurance and all those pesky regulations for keeping the local environment clean and seeing that people do not get an entirely shitty deal.

“Despite the financial crisis, the number of millionaires in the United States rose a whopping 16 percent to 7.8 million in 2009 … Approximately 21 percent of all children in the United States are living below the poverty line in 2010 – the highest rate in 20 years,” it reads..

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