Are Sales of ‘The Turner Diaries’ Up?

Posted in Extremism at 9:21 am by George Smith

“And at this point, whatever dividing line there was between mainstream conservatism and the black-helicopter crowd seems to have been virtually erased,” wrote Paul Krugman.

He’s pointing out the obvious: The two recent assassinations conducted by white extremists uncomfortably aligns with the pop-eyed rhetoric emitted daily by the GOP.

Predictably, Krugman singles out Rush Limbaugh and actor Jon Voight, who has always been a notorious kook. However, the “rising star” is Glenn Beck, someone DD looked at back on the old blog late last year.

From that:

Beck’s Friday show was devoted to the outside-the-box thinking of a bunch of nuts white guys now on the fringes of society (Gerald Celente, Tim Strong, Stephen Moore, Michael Scheuer, Ben Sherwood and someone named Thor. Really.)

For lack of a better term, call them Turner Heevahavas. The first part of the name is taken straight from the pre-eminent piece of hate conspiracy lit written in the US, “The Turner Diaries.” In case you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s a feverish book on the catastrophic collapse of the United States, allegedly brought about by Jews, socialists, liberals, blacks and college professors. Christian white identity freedom fighters band together to fight the government, hang everyone on their enemies list, and destroy all tyranny with atomic bombs.

Put a nicer face on it and the tone, conspiracy thought and attitude of “The Turner Diaries” is now found in the … GOP right. More generally, one can find it daily on blogs of the ilk of the Southeast Pennsy Biblical Neo-Nazi

Factually, one could see it coming a long way off, inspired and fertilized by tactics at the now notorious McCain campaign rallies.

Too many of the neo-Nazi white identity screeds from “The Turner Diaries” are unfortunately now mirrored by GOP dogma: the constant rabid complaint about socialism — of others, not the white southern base, getting something they don’t deserve.

To the GOP, the masses are hypnotized and oppressed by Obama. In “The Turner Dairies,’ the same things were credited to ‘the System.’

Point, set, match. Currently showing on the LV Biblical Neo-Nazi.

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