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An audio file of DD on the radio for Ian Masters’ Background Briefing show on FM radio is here.

There is also a stream and iPod broadcast here. Note, though, that the broadcast, which took place on May 31, is mislabeled as one with Colin Powell’s adjutant in the Bush administration, Lawrence Wilkerson, who was the primary guest a week earlier. This is coincidentally absurdly humorous, since Wilkerson is one of the high-ranking people responsible for so badly informing Powell about the ‘UK poison ring’ for his infamous UN Security Council address, a claim officially destroyed in 2005 by me.

But since Wilkerson is now a convenience to the left — someone from the Bush administration willing to regularly call Dick Cheney nuts — he was granted a get-out-of-jail-free card by the mainstream media.

I digress.

The show lasted an hour and I was on third, so if you want to skip the other hosts, advance in your player to around minute 40 and you’ll be in the general vicinity. However, the entire show is worth a listen.

Subject material was a discussion of Obama’s cybersecurity plan and other things readers of the blog will be familiar with.

Do people listen to these radio Pacifica stations? I have been told so by acquaintances. But often I have doubts.

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