More Tea Party Folk Music

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Good news, lads! Good news! There’s no satire here!

If you view this on YouTube, you’ll notice the video is the property of the PasadenaTeaParty. Of which I am not a member.

Everyday, DD takes a walk to pick up lunch supplies, crossing the el Molino Street bridge on the way to Lake. On the right hand side just back of a church is a rambling mansion, fenced in by iron and guarded by a Doberman which has been de-barked.

Big sign in front yard: “Putting liberals in Congress is like putting PIRANHAS in your child’s playpool!”

” ‘I’m a beginner political activist,’ said former ‘Saturday Night Live’ star Victoria Jackson, who took to the stage with a ukulele and sang ‘There’s a Communist Living in the White House,'” wrote LA Times columnist Steve Lopez on a Tea Party rally in Beverly Hills last week. (Unbelievably, there was one.)

“I thought either Jackson was satirizing the movement or that she was doing a Porky Pig impression,” continued Lopez. “But I later saw video of her insisting on various occasions that President Obama is indeed a communist.”

Lopez’s entire column is here.

You may ask why I embedded this video. I won’t tell you.

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