Nugent probably off hook in SD

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Harmonization of hunting laws in various states means suspension of a license in one leads to automatic suspension in another. And earlier in the week this led game wardens in California and South Dakota to look into whether Ted Nugent had hunted pheasant prior to a Tea Party rally in South Dakota illegally.

Nugent’s license to hunt deer has been temporarily suspended in California over two misdemeanor convictions stemming from deer-baiting.

However, the suspension only covers deer hunting. And in California, that leaves Nugent free to hunt everything else but deer until the suspension is over. Which would seem to quite fairly get him off the hook in South Dakota.

The Rapid City Journal reported:

Department officials won’t confirm the investigation or discuss
details, but a California wildlife officer provided some information on the case Thursday, confirming that Nugent did lose some hunting privileges in California for deer-hunting violations.

But the suspension only covers deer hunting. The rocker and widely
known gun advocate can still hunt pheasants and other game in
California, said Patrick Foy, a warden and public information
officer for the law enforcement division of the California Fish and
Game Department.

“Ted Nugent is prohibited from hunting deer in California until after June 30 of 2012,” Foy said. “He can hunt pheasants. He can hunt pigs. He can hunt whatever else he wants to hunt. He is prohibited from hunting deer.”

The article goes on to state California wardens consider Nugent cooperative and remorseful over his offense.

However, they have probably not seen Nugent railing over his convictions on YouTube video — like readers at this blog have — calling game law “indecent” and anti-freedom.

One curious thing in the run-up to election day re Nugent.

While he is out stumping for various Tea Party candidates, he has yet to repeat a WaTimes column calling for varmint hunting with no bag limit on Tuesday. As he repeatedly did earlier in the year.

While there are a couple of days left for him to revert, Nugent has not gone back to euphemistically calling for violence — varmint hunting and crowbar swinging — on election day.

Paradoxically, what readers have seen — if they’re in America — is that through the summer and into the fall, the weakness of leadership in the President and Democratic Party and the very bad economy, have allowed for the complete mainstreaming of Ted Nugent-style extremism.

And that on certain occasions, actually beating up people, as long as they are Democrats, is OK.

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