US Average IQ Down 20 Percent

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Indirectly proven by science in this piece from the New York Times.

It’s about the summer swimming seaon and diarrheal illness.

DD managed a swimming pool for four years in his undergrad days. At this time, admittedly many many years ago, the Pine Grove Community Swimming Pool was not a vector for disease. Checks for fecal coliforms, which would not detect cryptosporidiosis — not an observable problem in the Seventies, were regularly performed.

Because of a rise in cryptosporidiosis, a parasitic illness, health experts now feel compelled to issue advice which seemed obvious thirty years ago.

“In addition to not swimming while ill with diarrhea, health experts say people should shower before swimming and never use the pool as a toilet,” reports the Times.

Yes, defecating in the swimming pool is crass and bad. Also obvious and sickening.

There is no stealthy shitting in a busy public swimming pool, unlike sneaking the other thing, which everyone does. DD did not realize that Americans now had to be warned not to do the former.

“Parents should wash young children before they enter the pool and take them on frequent bathroom breaks. Children in diapers require vigilant attention.”

Yes, people, give your lifeguards a break this summer! They’re only making minimum wage.

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