Media jumps all over stupid kid bomber story for Thanksgiving

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Jason at Armchair Generalist does some of the heavy lifting for me:

Glad to see the FBI continue its trend of entrapping brown-skinned US citizens with crimes of attempted terrorism. They’re almost as good as the police detectives in “Minority Report” when it comes to arresting people for crimes they were thinking of committing.

He also opines:

Mohamud became “radicalized” when he was 15 – in 2006, just when things were getting nice and hot in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not really a shock. I get it, he was a bad guy, but he was also exceptionally stupid. I really have to disagree with the WaPo journalist’s suggestion that there are “extremist cells” and “a wave of homegrown terrorism” in the United States.

Over the same period of time, there have been two arrests in California, of older men with their own home ‘bomb factories.’ But they’re white guys and fucked up in a different way, flavors the newsmedia and reporters interested in radicalism and alleged Islamic homegrown terrorism are not so interested in.

Our own radicals don’t need to wait for the FBI to offer them big fake bombs. They’re self-starters. And they’re always the wrong color and religion, if any. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along now.

From before Thanksgiving:

Explosives experts have pulled out of a northern San Diego County home with a large quantity of bomb-making materials because it’s too dangerous.

The Sheriff’s Department says “proactive operations on site have been suspended” and local, state and federal explosives experts are making plans to re-enter the home and remove hazardous materials.

No further action is expected until Dec. 1, at the earliest. Investigators say there is no immediate danger to the community.

Among other things, bomb technicians found what is believed to Pentaerythritol tetranitrate, or PETN, which was used in the 2001 airliner shoe-bombing attempt as well as in last month’s airplane cargo bombs.

Fifty-four-year-old George Djura Jakubec is in jail after pleading not guilty on Monday to running a bomb factory at his home.

Jakubec is a naturalized American citizen from Serbia, said to be an unemployed computer programmer who was also into bank robbery. He was apparently found out when a gardener set off an explosive at the residence in question.

A news report local to San Diego further informs:

A San Diego County man accused of robbing banks and having the largest cache of homemade explosive compounds ever found in one spot on U.S. soil was ordered by a judge Monday to remain in custody on $5 million bail.

Deputy District Attorney Terri Perez told Judge Marshall Hockett that after a gardener was injured in an explosion at Jakubec’s unincorporated Escondido home last week, a large amount of hexamethylene triperoxide diamine, or HMTD, was discovered.

Investigators with the FBI, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and San Diego County Sheriff’s Department also came across other explosive compounds known by the acronyms of ETN and PETN, the prosecutor said.

PETN was the highly volative explosive used by the shoe bomber in 2001, the underwear bomber and in last month’s cargo plane plot where computer printers loaded with the explosive were placed on planes bound for the United States.

And from today:

Escondido Police Lt. Craig Carter says officers responding to neighbor reports that 45-year-old Richard Hinkel was screaming obscenities in his backyard Sunday morning found 18 explosive devices, fireworks, 12 rifles and 10 handguns on the property and arrested Hinkel.

A bomb and arson unit from the sheriff’s department confiscated the devices and guns.

Carter says it appears Hinkel was turning fireworks into more powerful explosives.

The home is in the same area as that of George Djura Jakubec, who last week was charged with running what authorities called a bomb factory in his home.

Carter says the explosives found Sunday were far less potent and investigators do not believe the two cases are connected.

And it’s purely malicious to note that both “bomb factories” where in one of the few southern California places to vote GOP in November.

Plus we always must have someone attack the local mosque after the news bombardment.


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  2. Jerry Zappanti said,

    October 5, 2011 at 5:15 pm

    The man has multiple problems! Drugs,Alcohol,paranoid.
    I livedin his house for 8 months up until 6 weeks prior to
    His arresr! Glad i was wise enough to leave when i did.
    When he was’nt at his house, it was quite peaceful! He
    Primarily lived with his parents house due to the family
    Business is there! Most of his neighbors were scared of
    Him! Ranting all hours of the night and early morning,
    Burning large sums of money,destroying expensive rings,
    Fireplace packed with fireworks! VERY SCARY!!!!!