Bombs trump Stuxnet, malware acknowledged

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From today’s New York Times:

Motorcyclists attached bombs to cars carrying two of the country’s top nuclear scientists early Monday, detonating them from afar. One scientist was killed and the other injured.

Iran immediately accused the United States and Israel of again trying to disrupt Iran’s nuclear program.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that “undoubtedly the hand of the Zionist regime and Western governments is involved. ” He also publicly acknowledged, apparently for the first time, that the country’s nuclear program had been disrupted recently by a malicious computer software that attacked its centrifuges.

Good advertising, though, for contractors wanting to enlarge their portfolios into cyber-warfare.

It’s bad news for everyone who harbors even a slight hope for reason.

More Stuxnets, faster stronger Iranian advancement toward the bomb, more instability, even less incentive for non-violent outcomes.

In this sense, Stuxnet could be seen as counter-productive, since it did not actually shut down the program but was more of a harassment.

Incidentally, today at Heritage — the policy position that new START should not be ratified because of Iran, which is exactly what proliferating states would admire in policy.

In other words, it’s a kind of argument which gives you the sub rosa idea that the extreme right GOP wants Iran and nuclear proliferation to advance quickly because it enhances recommendations for ballistic missile defense spending. So it’s in their interest to see that things gets gummed up.

The president should dump the New START treaty — its one-sidedness makes the U.S. look like a lousy negotiator in the eyes of the world … and a patsy in the eyes of the Russians. — some Heritage employee who writes about every rotten idea the foundation wants pushed

And, of course: “The President should also make it a publicly top priority to hunt down any American connected with these leaks and prosecute them.”

Julian Assange is Australian. Once upon a time long ago he researched a book on hacking in Australia, a non-fiction story of which he was a part, and this entry was from when he subscribed to the Crypt Newsletter.

And Bradley Manning, an American, is already in the stockade.

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