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Astonishingly, today’s e-mail brought a despicable missive from barackobama.com’s honcho, Mitch Stewart. It was a blandishment to astro-turf for the rightness of freezing the pay of middle class federal government workers.


Will you take a few minutes and write a letter to the editor today to set the record straight?

Using our letter-to-the-editor tool is easy, and we’ll provide tips and talking points to get you started.

Yesterday’s announcement is simply the latest in a series of steps taken by this administration to cut costs and stretch federal dollars.

On his first day in office, President Obama froze the salaries of all senior White House officials — a freeze he later extended to other political appointees. And, in his 2011 budget, he put forward more than $1 trillion in deficit reduction, including a three-year freeze in non-security, discretionary spending.

But if we’re going to tackle the deficit and continue to keep the economy moving in the right direction, we’re far from finished.

As the President said, yesterday’s announcement is not a decision he made lightly. He knows firsthand that the people affected by this pay freeze work hard and sacrifice out of love for their country and in the name of serving their fellow Americans. They are doctors and nurses who care for our veterans. They are scientists researching better treatments and cures for disease.

But if we’re serious about cutting costs, it will require a shared sacrifice from all Americans. It is going to require both sides of the aisle working together. And it is going to require an open, honest debate — one in which partisan politics takes a back seat to the task at hand.

So the next time a friend or family member repeats the untruths about “reckless spending and big government,” tell them the truth about the President’s fiscal leadership and his decision to freeze federal pay for two years.

You can start helping get out the facts by writing a letter to the editor of your local paper today …

It’s eye-watering in its pure evil. Write a letter to your editor saying what a swell guy the prez is for freezing pay to average Joe’s while Wall Street and corporate America enjoy the best year, ever.

Krugman publicizes it here, too:

The organization formerly known as Obama for America is asking supporters to write letters in support of a federal pay freeze.

“Obama Runs Play from the GOP Book” read the headline on the frontpage of today’s LA Times.

Could have added as subhed: “Adopts policy of sworn enemies, gets kicked in teeth, anyway. Loses even more supporters.”

If there’s a website that’s asked for a DDoS attack today, it’s barackobama.com

Ted Nugent, before Thanksgiving, from the Detroit News:

Far more belt-tightening is in order. We need to make the belt-tightening painful if we are going to climb out of this deep financial hole and save America …

Fedzilla must be put on a strict diet. With the exception of the Defense Department, all federal departments, agencies and organizations should receive 6 1/2 percent less in their budgets for the next four years …

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