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Readers of this blog know Ted Nugent is a man stunningly bereft of ideas and human warmth.

As evidence one only has to read his columns.

Page after page on the Mao Tse-Tung fan club in the Whitehouse. And how subprime mortgages to people of color and entitlements to the same blew up the world economy, not Wall Street.

It’s the same stupid asshole’s worldview held by Tea Party voters.

In the book Griftopia, Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi devotes quite a bit to describing them as confused white nincompoops, easily misled by wealthy crooks. And they, like Ted Nugent, really do believe the economy went to shit and left friends and family without jobs because black people got houses they didn’t deserve.

If you believe in God, then he certainly has a sense of humor.

Right next to Griftopia at Vroman’s in Pasadena — Michael Savage’s Trickle Up Poverty, a book that purports to tell how people who aren’t white blew up the economy and are making us all poor.

Rather surprisingly, Nugent hasn’t yet piped up on the granting of the tax cuts to the wealthy through holding the unemployed hostage. You would think it would have been a natural for him, something to cackle over between assertions that jobless people are bloodsuckers and that all taxes need elimination.

Instead, he went after feral cats, which, according to Ted, are all in need of shooting.

“[I] have instructed my family, friends, hunting buddies and casual passers-by to blast every feral cat they see,” Nugent writes, referring to open season on cats at his Crawford ranch.

Since there were no Democratic targets to insult or hate on for this subject, Nugent singled out a rather reasonable scientific paper issued by the University of Nebraska entitled “Feral Cats and Their Management.”

The population of feral cats in America is 60 million, notes the paper. It’s a staggering number that defies all methods aimed at reducing it.

The purpose of the paper is to describe the effectiveness of various methods of controlling feral cat populations, which are very damaging because of their impact on songbirds.

The authors realize the sensitivity of the subject in cat-friendly America and bend over backwards to avoid giving even the slightest impression of cruelty toward animals as a recommendation.

Nugent, naturally, won’t have it.

“Let us hope the University of Nebraska didn’t spend more than 10 bucks on this research,” he sneers.

The Nebraska authors conclude that “shooting is an efficient method” and that trapping, neutering, vaccinating and releasing of feral cats in established colonies is a great deal of work. And that eliminating colonies in this manner can take years.

They also write of other factors which would be of no concern to Ted Nugent. Like the fact that if you indiscriminately shoot all cats on your property, you will inevitably wind up killing someone’s beloved pet.

“[Determining] which cats are feral and which are someone’s pet may be difficult,” conclude the Nebraska researchers. “Owners must be responsible by keeping their cats on their property …”

“Shooting in urban areas is a very sensitive matter …” they advise in a paragraph informing that gunning for cats is not only potentially unsafe to others within built up populated areas but also illegal in Omaha and Lincoln — and probably, by extension, within the boundaries of most towns and cities.

Nugent’s column is also, naturally, PETA bait. Nugent hates PETA with a passion and recently implied that it was such animal lovers who were responsible for getting him into trouble with the hunting authorities in California.

And a representative of PETA wrote a letter to the editor at the Washington Times as a consequence of Nugent’s piece.

The PETA person cautions that people should not break the law as advocated by “Mr. Nugent,” who is called “cruel” — a fair assessment using any number of criteria.

PETA is, of course, only making “Mr. Nugent” happier.

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