Cult of EMP Crazy: Like zombie movie

Posted in Crazy Weapons at 3:20 pm by George Smith

DD watched AMC’s The Walking Dead.

It was slightly better than average television, some episodes turned over to what seemed like interminable do-nothing-ism until zombies were thrown into a scene.

I’ll get to why I mentioned it up top in a minute.

Today’s bit on the Cult of Electromagnetic Pulse Crazy takes you out to a newspaper article, one in a school of many devoted to the eternal flogging of William Forstchen’s One Second After.

All Cult of EMP Crazy stories must center on the end-of-US-civilization meme. Without it, you cannot proceed with the narrative/argument on why something must be done.

In this, they’re very much like zombie movies.

Apocalypse descends, intrepid bands of stragglers try to survive the vicious hordes from the cities.

It doesn’t take much imagination to see the corollary.

Since we’ve been warned about zombies so many times and seen what they can do, wouldn’t it be prudent to begin hardening our infrastructure and augmenting our emergency supplies to survive them now?

Alas, it never works out that way.

From a Macon newspaper:

As one would expect, the cities are the most dangerous areas. As food runs out, desperation forces many to turn to consuming the flesh of their fellow men. The most brutal, bloodthirsty lost souls of society donít just do so to survive, but choose to wholeheartedly embrace cannibalism.

The zombies fat and lazy urban dwellers storm out of the cities, coming for the new survivalists’ stuff. And their flesh!

Congressional nuisance Roscoe Bartlett makes an appearance, described in 2005:

“[Preparing for zombies electromagnetic pulse attack] has no constituency. It has no support. Maybe if we can raise public awareness, the public will finally demand that some solutions be made before it happens.???

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