Nugent: Last week it was endorsing Palin, this week — Newt Gingrich

Posted in Ted Nugent at 2:07 pm by George Smith

One of the things established by the Ted Nugent tab is that the man is often completely without ideas. Not just big ones. Or even the occasional middling-sized one.

No, he’s so empty it’s often a challenge to write an even remotely interesting column.

When this happens, Ted flails.

So one week it’s endorsing shooting cats. Probably because he saw a few wandering through the bushes at Old Mean Spirit Wild ranch in Crawford. And that was really annoying.

Next, it was wishing himself happy birthday. Probably because he was fondly looking forward to his cake on the dining room table at Old Mean Spirit Wild ranch in Crawford.

After that, it was to call for the destruction of the Department of Energy. Probably because there was nothing happening at Old Mean Spirit Wild ranch in Crawford on the day the piece was due.

This week: An entire column saying almost nothing except the usual, tepidly. The government is needing destroying. Also, the Department of Energy. Kill it twice.

And who is the go-to guy we need to do this?

Newt Gingrich, sez Ted.

“He’s a forward-thinking, smart, idea guy,” writes Uncle Ted. Without giving one example of forward-thinking smart idea-ness.

I’d say go read it here. But it’s a grenade ya don’t need to jump on.

DD thought that ridiculing Ted (or at least his copy editor) out of the habit of run-on sentences would improve his composition. No such luck. It just took out some filler.

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