Predator State Advertising

Posted in Cyberterrorism, Predator State at 7:47 am by George Smith

“We’ve detected an anomaly. Our nation is under attack.”

So goes a recent Lockheed Martin ad aimed at invading the taxpayer wallet over cybersecurity.

With production values straight from a summer blockbuster movie trailer, Lockheed Martin probably spent more on it than most Americans will get in value from their healthcare plans this year.

“We never forget who we’re working for,” the ad informs.

Your host saw it at lunchtime yesterday, run on CNN back to back with another ad from CPRights.Org on how, if the Obama administration gets its way, you’ll be denied healthcare by government bureaucrats. Like how DD could never get a scaly and disfiguring disease on his hands fixed because the insurance company wouldn’t cover the costs from the doctor …

That nation that knows its priorities can’t help but always be the world’s leader.

“Yes!” to the largest defense contractor in the world protecting us from anomalies in cyberspace!

“No!” to any healthcare plan offered by the government.

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Yet another Lockheed Martin ad on cybersecurity, too long for TV. The star of the show — LM’s talking head, is preventing foreign countries and individuals from harming us — one virus, one worm, one stealthy cyber-weapon, at a time.

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